Let your company cards take care of receipts and bookkeeping

Give super powers to the company cards

Digitize the journey of an expense, from the moment it occur to the moment it is booked and accounted for with Acubiz Corporate.

Acubiz connects to both company cards and finance system and enables the user to prepare transaction data for bookkeeping – digitally, automatically and with all nessecary documentation. This way, your company spend cards can “take care of the bookkeeping”.

  • Integration between company cards and finance system
  • Data for bookkeeping – fully automatic
  • Supports local rules and regulations
  • Support company spend policies

From card transaction to bookkeeping

Company cards and Acubiz

No more additional work

Company cards are used to pay for the business related expenses that occur when employees are doing their jobs. A company card comes with many advantages, but every time it is used to pay for something, additional work actually emerges. This additional work is related to documention of receipt and purpose, approval, bookkeeping, accounting and controlling.

No more manual processing

The task to gather the appropiate documentation and other expense related information, that is needed by the finance department for bookkeeping and accounting purposes, is often manual, time consuming and cumbersome. That is why it makes sense to digitize and automate the journey of the expense, from the moment it occur to the moment it is booked and accounted for.

Connect the company cards to the finance system

With Acubiz, company cards can easily be integrated with a finance system. The Acubiz application takes care of the following:

Synchronizes transaction data

from the users company card.

Facilitates association

of required information and documentation.

Delivers data

to the finance system – bookkeeping ready.

The digital journey of the transactions ends up bookkeeping ready

When Acubiz is implemented and integrated, it is is configured to handle 3 main groups of data 100 % digitally.

The users handles the data, easily and intuitive, with our mobile-app, Acubiz One.

1. Transaction data from the company cards

Certain information is already available digitally through MCC-codes from the card transaction data. This can for example be information like purchase date and time, purchase amount, currency and merchant.

2. Legal requirements for expense data

Authorities require that the receipt (or a copy) from each expense is kept either physically or digitally for five years – according to Danish bookkeeping law (the requirements might differ from country to country). For certain types of expenses (for example representation) there are also legal requirements related to registration of purpose and participant names – according to Danish tax law.

3. Requirements for expense data

Businesses typically has rules and policies related to documentation of expenses – partly related to how money can be spent and partly related to correct and accurate bookkeeping. Often, employees are required to document purpose, cost type, department, related project or customer case etc. These are variables, that are dependent of the given business’ complexity and structure in terms of financial dimensions.

Acubiz integrates with any company card and finance system

5 advantages with company cards

  • No private outlays for the employee. Company cards increases efficiency and employee satisfaction by making payment for business related expense easy and flexible.
  • Increased control and security for the business. Often it is possible to monitor the cards and change usage conditions, like spend limits, in realtime.
  • Improved overview and increased transparency - an efficient tool that helps analyze, track and control costs with a high level of accuracy.
  • Many company cards has perks and extra features, like discount schemes and travel insurance.
  • Can integrate with Acubiz, enabling bookkeeping-ready data to be imported to a finance system.

Coorporation with Nordea First Card

Acubiz integrates with all company cards. in addition, we have a coorporation with Nordea, where we provide a complete package with First Card company cards and Acubiz – our solution for registering and handling expenses – for Danish based Nordea business customers.

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