Accounting ready data for the company's finance system

Easy bookkeeping of expenses

Integration with your finance system is a basic prerequisite for optimal use of an Expense Management solution. Acubiz integrates with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange. Especially the automatic data exchange will save you a lot of manual work hours.

Two-way integration to the finance system

Integrations to finance systems

Let data flow both ways

Two-way integration is arguably the best way to go. It allows you to load master data from the financial system into the Acubiz solution, while allowing the bookkeeping-ready expense data to be exported from Acubiz and automatically loaded into the finance system.

We know most finance systems

Since 1997, Acubiz has automated and simplified the administrative processes of companies. The integration between Acubiz and an accounting system is no exception. Our long experience means that we can exchange data with virtually every system on the market.

Connect the company cards to the finance system

Acubiz can be easily integrated with a finance system. The Acubiz application provides the following:

Loading master data from finance system

Your company's financial dimensions.

Registration of expense data

Receipts, purpose, accounting, approval, etc. are connected with the transactions.

Export of accounting-ready data

(Incl. documentation) for automatic bookkeeping in your finance system.

What happens to the image files?

The images taken from receipts with Acubiz One are on Acubiz’s servers. Our servers are located within the EU, which is important according to the Accounting Act, as it ensures the necessary documentation. We provide a link to each receipt. In this way, the finance system can fetch the image file at the entry level.

Also, the image files are always available as audit documentation.

What can Acubiz offer as an add-on?

It is possible to choose different services in connection with the integration to your Acubiz solution.

In addition, there are related add-ons such as multilingual account plan, dimension controlled accounting and cost split on dimensions.

Acubiz integrates with any finance system

Acubiz integration: Visma e-conomic

Connect Acubiz to Visma e-conomic.

Acubiz integration: Oracle Netsuite

Connect Acubiz to Oracle Netsuite.

Acubiz integration: Uniconta

Connect Acubiz to Uniconta.

Acubiz integration: Microsoft Dynamics AX

Connect Acubiz to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Acubiz integration: SAP

Connect Acubiz to SAP.

Acubiz integration: Unik

Connect Acubiz to Unik.

Acubiz integration: Visma

Connect Acubiz to Visma.

Acubiz integration: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Connect Acubiz to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Acubiz integration: Dinero

Connect Acubiz to Dinero.

Acubiz integration: Billy

Connect Acubiz to Billy.

Acubiz integration: Netvisor

Connect Acubiz to Netvisor.

Acubiz integration: Finago

Connect Acubiz to Finago/Procounter.

Can't find your system on the list?

We integrate with any finance system – even if it is not on the list. Contact us and learn more.

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