Other integrations to and from Acubiz

Intelligente integrations

Deep integrations are integrations that go across tools and other vendors. These are the suppliers where it is relevant to exchange data on expenditure. Which suppliers depend on the individual company, but it can for example be telecommunications companies, petrol companies, leasing companies, parking providers, taxi companies and similar.

Relevant data exchange with vendosrs


Why it make sense

Both companies and employees have more digital tools available. It is therefore worth researching how the tools can work together.

Deep integrations are especially worth considering if you
have many expenses and transactions from specific service providers.

What is the advantages?

By integrating various service providers with Acubiz, you gain increased insight and control over your expenses. Increased overview and transparency of spending are keywords for the finance department. It provides insight into where it is possible to streamline and possibly reduce specific cost groups.

Examples of integrations

Acubiz integration: Telenor

Connect Acubiz to Telenor.

Acubiz integration: Menupay

Connect Acubiz to Menupay.

Acubiz integration: Brobizz

Connect Acubiz to Brobizz.

Acubiz integration: VR Travel

Connect Acubiz to VR Travel.

Acubiz integration: ATPI

Acubiz connect to ATPI.

What is our role?

We have extensive experience in integrating all kinds of tools and systems. We integrate with the requested suppliers and facilitate the connection of the necessary information and documentation. Data can then be exported or used as needed in the finance department.

Can't find your system on the list?

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