Payroll data for the company's salary system

Simple payroll accounting and administration

Integration with your salary system makes it easy to export payroll data for processing – from expenses and per diems to mileage and time tracking, depending on the features used in Acubiz. We integrate with all systems, either through file export or with automatic data exchange.

Two-way integration to the salary system

Illustration of Acubiz integrations to salary systems

Let data flow both ways

Two-way integration is the right way to go. It allows user data from the salary system to be loaded into the Acubiz solution while allowing payroll data to be exported from Acubiz and automatically loaded into the salary system.

We know most salary systems

Since 1997, Acubiz has automated and simplified the administrative processes of companies. The integration between Acubiz and a salary system is no exception, and our experience means that we can exchange data with all systems.

Connect Acubiz with the salary system

Acubiz can easily be integrated with a salary system. The Acubiz application provides the following:

Entering user data

from your salary system - meaning updated data on the employees using Acubiz.

Registration of expense data

where e.g. expenses, per diems, mileage in own car and time (holidays, absence, hours) are documented.

Export of payroll data

incl. documentation, for automatic processing and settlement in your salary system.

Acubiz and payroll data

Acubiz manage all types of expenses made by employees. It happens through an intuitive app. Depending on company policies and practice for managing expenses, it will often be necessary that expense settlements, refunds or holiday deduction is handled through the payroll administration.

Accurate expense data ith approval history is created in Acubiz and can easily be exported to a salary system.

What types of salary data is processed in Acubiz?

Acubiz integrates with any salary system

Acubiz integration: Danløn

Connect Acubiz to Danløn.

Acubiz integration: Visma Dataløn

Connect Acubiz to Visma Dataløn.

Acubiz integration: Lessor

Connect Acubiz to Lessor.

Acubiz integration: Proløn

Connect Acubiz to Proløn.

Acubiz integration: Visma

Connect Acubiz to Visma.

Acubiz integration: Mepco

Connect Acubiz to Mepco.

Acubiz integration: Aditro

Connect Acubiz to Aditro.

Acubiz integration: Finago

Connect Acubiz to Finago/Procounter.

Can't find your system on the list?

We integrate with any salary system – even if it is not on the list. Contact us and hear more.

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