We will be at the convention Ekonomi & Företag in Stockholm on Oktober 12 – 13

Ekonomi & Företag
Meet us at the Ekonomi & Företag convention in Stockholm. You can find us at stand G:08, where we, together with our partner KCAB-IT, will be presenting our cloud-based Expense Management Service. Come by and have a talk about your company’s needs and how Acubiz EMS can help you. Read more

Meet us at the digital convention ”Digitaliseringsmessen”!

We will be at the digital convention “Digitaliseringsmessen” for Danish municipalities and suppliers on Thursday September 29th. Read more

New customer: BIMCO

With a focus on optimising the workflow within managingcompany-paid costs related to employees BIMCO has decided tostreamline internal procedures with Acubiz Expense ManagementService. We look forward to providing BIMCO with an intuitive andtime-consuming solution that makes it easy and simple to bothemployees, the approver and the finance department to manage theexpense reporting.

BIMCO is a shipping association providing a wide range of servicesto its global membership of stakeholders who have vested interestsin the shipping industry, including shipowners, operators,managers, brokers and agents.

To learn more about BIMCO please visit <a href="http://www browse this site.bimco.org” target=”_blank” title=”www.bimco.org”>bimco.org

Santander Consumer Bank optimises with Acubiz EMS

With focus on reducing the time spend and costs related tomanaging the expense reporting Santander Consumer Bank has decidedto sign up for use of Acubiz Expense Management Service tostreamline the internal processes. Also, the empoyees will benefitfrom Acubiz Capture and Acubiz Mileage to manage uload of receiptsas well as milage respectively – all directly into Acubiz EMS.

About Santander Consumer Bank
Santander Consumer bank is a part of the Nordic Santander ConsumerBank and is owned by Grupo Santander. Santander Consumer Bankbelongs under Santander Consumer Finance that is one of the leadingoperator within consumer loan finance in Europe.

Please visit santanderconsumer.dk to learnmore about Santander Consumer bank. 

New customer: Santaris Pharma

To ease the way of handling employees’ company-paid expensesSantaris Pharma has decided to sign up for usage of Acubiz EMS.With our Acubiz expense management service Santaris Pharma willbenefit from a simplified and an intuitive solution that istimeconsuming for both employees and approver as well asFinance.

About Santaris Pharma
Santaris Pharma is a privately held clinical-stagebiopharmaceurical company focused on the discovery and developmentof RNA-targeted therapies.

To learn more about Santaris Pharma please visit www.santaris.com

Bayer AS Norge – new Acubiz customer

Bayer in Norway are now joining associated Bayer companies andhas decided to use Acubiz Expense Management Service to optimisethe way of handling the expense reporting related to company-paidexpenses. The employees will benefit from a timeconsuming solutionand with the Acubiz Capture app receipts are easily attached torelevant transactions – and simply stored in your Acubizsolution.

About Bayer
Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fieldsof health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.

For further details about please visit www.nordic.bayer.com

Welcome to Implement Consulting Group

We are happy to annouce that Implement Consulting Group haschoosen Acubiz Expense Management Service for optimising processesrelated to managing the expense reporting. Hereby 400 users atImplement Consulting Group will benefit from an intuitive workflow,which imply that the time spend on doing the expense reporting willbe reduced and managing the receipts as well as mileage will besimplified by using Acubiz Capture and Acubiz Mileagerespectively.

About Implement Consulting Group
Implement Consulting Group provides companies with consultingservices within management consulting herunder lean, supply chain,innovation and leadership managment.

Please visit implementconsultinggroup.comfor further details about the company.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER A/S signs up for Acubiz EMS

We welcome SG ISOVER A/S as new Acubiz customer – we are happythat yet another Saint-Gobain associated company has deciede tosign up for the usage of Acubiz Expense Management Service. Asimplified workflow as well as an intuitive solution will makehandling the expense reporting much easier to all employees.

About Saint-Gobain ISOVER A/S
The company develops, produces and cooporates with customers aboutinnovative and sustainable solutions for insulation.

To learn more about SG ISOVER please visit isover.dk

BHJ A/S – new Acubiz customer

BHJ has decided to sign up for Acubiz Expense Management Service- a solution that automise the registration of company paid costsrelated to employees herunder credit card transactions. Also, BHJhas decided to simplify the way the employees manage their receiptsas well as mileage with Acubiz Capture and Acubiz Mileagerespectively. The keywords are simplicity and transparency inhandling your expense reporting!

About BHJ
BHJ is an international supplier of meat ingredients and meat rawmaterials for the food, pet food, feed and pharmaceuticalindustries. The company is a subsidiary of The Lauridsen Group,Inc., LGI, a US company.

To learn more about BHJ please visit their website

Beirholms Væverier signs up for Acubiz EMS

We welcome Beirholms Væverier as new Acubiz customer. WithAcubiz Expense Management Service the way of managing company paidexpenses will be simplified. Acubiz will provide Beirholms Væverierwith a cloud-based service that streamlines the workflow, andfurther Acubiz Capture will give the employees a tool, whichsimplifies the way of handling receipts related to expenses thatthe employees need to include in their expense reporting.

About Beirholms Væverier
Beirholms Væverier was etablished in 1870. The Company developsand delivers high quality textiles to linen rental businesses inEurope herunder Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Holland,Austria, Italy and England.

To learn more about the company please visit beirholm.dk