We welcome Renesas Mobile

We are happy to welcome Renesas Mobile as our new customer.Renesas Mobile’s wish to optimize the daily expense managementroutines was the initial motivation to contact Acubiz, and AcubizEMS is implemented with that exact purpose; to streamline theinternal processes and control employee related expences moreefficiently.

“We are happy to be able to help Renesas Mobile to optimizeand streamline their workflows, and we look forward to thecooperation”, says Lars de Nully, CEO at Acubiz.

About Renesas Mobile

Renesas Mobile develops and delivers the leading chipsets andplatforms. Renesas Mobile focuses on mobile platforms, featurephone platforms and platforms for cars, where imbedded connecteddevices enable people to stay connected. Renesas Mobile was foundedDecember 1st 2010 as a subsidiary company of RenesasElectronics.

For more information, please visit: renesasmobile.com

Happy to welcome AS Solution

We are happy to welcome our new customer, AS Solution, one ofthe world’s leading security companies.

“At AS Solution, we do a lot of travelling. On a yearly basis, wedo business in more than 50 countries, which is why we, with theimplementation of Acubiz EMS, look forward to automate the timeconsuming manual processes related to expense management and focuson optimizing our business and on our core activities”, says SonnySchürer, CEO at AS Solutions.

“We welcome our new customer and look forward to a mutuallyrewarding co-operation”, says Lars de Nully, CEO, Acubiz.

About AS Solution

AS Solution is a Danish-owned security company. AS Solution hasmany years of experience with security, body guarding andinvestigation. They do business in more than 50 countries and,among other places, have offices in Denmark, England, Singapore,Kenya, Tanzania and USA. AS Solution works with a wide variety ofcompanies and ministries – as well as with the royal family.

Read more at assolution.dk

New customer: InfoCare

We are happy to welcome InfoCare as new users of Acubiz EMS.InfoCare is a Nordic leading IT service company focusing on IT,telecommunication and consumer electronics. With Acubiz EMS,InfoCare will streamline their every day workflows so that theiremployees can focus on their core activities and spend less time ontime consuming routine tasks. Acubiz EMS gives InfoCare theopportunity to optimize and automate the processes related toexpense management in Denmark and Norway.

“We are thrilled about the cooperation and look forward to puttingAcubiz EMS into operation. Again, our solution proves to be veryadaptable, which pleases all parties involved”, says Lars de Nully,CEO, Acubiz.

About InfoCare

InfoCare was founded in 1986 and focuses on both IT services andconsumer electronics. Thanks to their 2,300 employees, 77 servicepoints, 8 modern workshops, an efficient, technical courier conceptand a selection of subcontractors from the Nordic and Balticcountries, they offer one of the market’s most flexible andcompetitive concepts within the field of IT services both in theprivate and public sector as well as on the consumers market.

We welcome NMS, Nordic Medico

NMS, Nordic Medico A/S has entered into a co-operation withAcubiz.

NMS is one of the leading sales and distribution companies ofmedical devices to public and private hospitals and surgicalclinics.

Acubiz EMS is to be implemented in 5 countries, which willensure a common IT platform for the 130 MNS employees and helpstreamline the internal processes. It will now be easier to manageand control employee related expenses, including credit cardtransactions, cash expenses, mileage allowance and travelexpenses.

“We are looking forward to the co-operation and are happy towelcome NMS as users of Acubiz EMS” says Lars de Nully, CEO atAcubiz.

About NMS

NMS Medico A/S (NMS) is a Danish-owned company within NMSHolding with about 130 employees. NMS was founded in 1998, andtoday they are among the leading players within sales and deliveryto the Scandinavian health care field. The NMS head office islocated in Copenhagen. NMS is also represented in Sweden, Norway,Finland, Estonia/Baltic states, Iceland and England/Ireland. NMS isa total supplier of capital goods, orthopaedic implants andendoscopic equipment for operation wards at public and privatehospitals. For more information, please visit nordicmedicalsupply.com