Assuranceforeningen SKULD (Gjensidig) Norway signs up for Acubiz EMS

Assuranceforeningen SKULD’s Danish department and Acubiz hassigned an agreement concerning the use of Acubiz EMS. With focus onstreamlining the workflow within expense management we are alsohappy that Assuranceforeningen SKULD has decided to use AcubizCapture as a part of their EMS service. Hereby employees willbenefit form an app that makes it simple to upload and savereceipts directly in the Acubiz EMS solution.

Skuld is a diversified marine insurer which offers a wide range ofinsurance products and consists of three main market brands: SkuldP&I, Skuld Offshore and Skuld 1897.

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Blueway Offshore Norway optimises with Acubiz EMS

With a focus on process optimization within expense managementBlueway Offshore signed up for Acubiz EMS and Acubiz Capture. Welook forward to provide Blueway Offshore Norway with a cloud-basedEMS service, which streamlines managing the expense reporting andother employee-related costs.

About Blueway Offshore Norway
Blueway Offshore Norway is a company in the Blueway Group and asister company to DanCopter A/S. Blueway Offshore Norway offersscustomers within the offshore industry specialized helicopterservices.

To learn more about Blueway Offshore Norway A/S please visittheir website

New customer: Riis Retail A/S

We are happy to welcome Riis Retail A/S as new customer.We areconfident that Riis Retail will benefit from Acubiz EMS and thatall users will find the service time-saving and easy to use.Further Riis Retail has decided to sign up for Acubiz Capture andAcubiz Mileage to simplify processes within handling both receiptsand mileage.

About Riis Retail A/S
Riis Retail A/S develops, manufactures and maintains storeconcepts. The company manages every step in the process – fromlayout drawings and construction work to the purchase, fitting andmaintanance of each store, fair, shop-in-shop or restaurant thatthey create.

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Welcome to The Danish Arcitecture Centre

The Danish Arcitecture Centre has decided to optimise theirprocesses within expense management, and they have chosen AcubizEMS as a solution. Their workflow will be streamlined andautomised, which will be timesaving to The Danish ArcitectureCentre’s 110 users – and Acubiz Capture and Acubiz Mileage willmake it simple to keep track of the users receipts as well asmileage.

About The Danish Arcitecture Centre
The Danish Arcitecture Centre is a gathering point for all thoseinterested in new architecture, urban development and innovation inthe built environment.

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New Acubiz customer: Kompan Ltd

Kompan Ltd has joined our list of customers. At Acubiz we lookforward to provide aprox 40 users with an expense managementservice that makes the everyday much easier, when it comes tohandling the expense reporting. As an extra service Kompan Ltd hasdecided to use Acubiz Capture – an service which enables you toupload your receipts directly to Acubiz EMS with your smartphonewithin a few seconds.

About Kompan Ltd
Kompan Ltd develops playground equipment with a focus on improvingchildhood health and learning. The Kompan products offer compellingdesign, high play value, uncompromising safety, unique innovationand long-lasting quality.

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Skako has joined our list of customers

With an operational Acubiz EMS service Skako is as one of ournewest customers, who are also using Acubiz Capture to ease theprocesses within handling receipts and other travel documents onthe go.

About Skako
Skako is one of the largest European highly experienced vibrationengineering companies, covering the full range of light to veryheavy duty material handling and processing equipment.  Today,Skako is represented globally by a mixture of subsidiaries, agentsor distributors.

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If forsikring optimizes with Acubiz EMS

If insurance in Denmark has decided to optimize their processeswithin handling expense reporting – and we are happy to announcethat they have choosen Acubiz EMS as a solution. Also more than 200employees at If insurance will benefit from Acubiz Mail-In – afeature which enables both scanning enclosures via the company’smultifunction printer and forwarding attachments through thecompany’s own mail system.

About If insurance
If is the leading insurance company with approx. 3.6 millioncustomers. If insurance offer a wide range of non-life solutionsfor everything from individuals to large global enterprises.

Read more about If forsikring by visiting their Danish

Jill & Joy A/S signs up for Acubiz EMS

We are looking forward to providing Jill & Joy with our costefficient expense management system – Acubiz EMS. With focus oncost reduction Jill & Joy has also choosen to use AcubizCapture to simplify their processes within handling receipts ‘onthe go’. We look forward to our future cooporation.

About Jill & Joy A/S
Jill & Joy operates stores within the fashion industry. Thesestores are operated within Bestseller concepts as well asmultibrand stores in the Danish market.

Welcome to Dansensor

Dansensor has choosen Acubiz EMS to optimise their workflowwithin expense management. Both finance and employees at Dansensorwill benefit from our many years of experiense within making theeveryday easier to the users as well as the finance department,when it comes to expense reporting.

About Dansensor
Dansensor delivers Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) testingequipment for quality control and quality assurance in the foodindustry worldwide.

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Acubiz Mileage app now available on the App Store and Windows Store

We are happy to announce that our Acubiz Mileage application isnow available on the App Store and Windows Store.

Acubiz Mileage is an electronic mileage log book app, whichautomatically registers and uploads your mileage directly into yourAcubiz EMS solution.

With a few clicks on your smartphone, your start and enddestination of your trip is registered automatically. AcubizMileage handles calculations according to relevant mileageallowance and gives you an exact overview of your mileage – locallegislation taking into account.

Integration with the company’s financial system makes managingmileage reimbursement with Acubiz Mileage time efficient and simplefor both employees and the company.

To Acubiz Customers using Acubiz EMS 6.1 hereunder AcubizMileage the app can be downloaded for free. Please find the app bysearching for ‘Acubiz Mileage’.

For futher details about Acubiz Mileage and the features theAcubiz Mileage app provides you with please contact us at or phone +45 70214 215.