Our 5 favorite (free) apps

Besides offering our Expense Management solutions that includes our app, Acubiz One, we are also using other apps while we carry out our daily routines at work. For example, when we are visiting customers, participating at sales meetings or are implementing our solutions with customers.

Meet Acubiz: René from IT

You can say that the servers are the heart of Acubiz. Because there’s no application for our users without them. Therefore, my most important task is to keep the servers running all the time.

How efficient is your “pre-accounting” process?

Far from every organization has a break with an inefficient “pre-accounting” process on their agenda. And that’s despite the fact, that it’s obvious how valuable it is for those who’d already pulled the trigger and implemented an automated and digital process.

Highlights from Acubiz Summit 2019

Over two days, close to 400 finance professionals chose to join Acubiz Summit 2019. Presentations, news and workshops were some of the things on the agenda.

Meet Acubiz: Lars de Nully

“Change is the only thing that’s certain.”. A well-known statement and a part the Acubiz DNA.. Get insight into the journey that so far have lasted 22 years.

Meet Acubiz: Alan from Sales

I have a saying: when something doesn’t work, I need to do something else. I live out the saying at the golf course but also at work. And I try to get my clients to do the same. If something doesn’t work, we find another solution that does and adds value.

Gig Tools for the Gig Economy

This form of work obviously sits in contrast to long-term employment contract, and I’m sure that it’ll gain more and more ground. Well, as a matter of fact, at this very moment, I have two resources that work for my business on a temporary basis. As business leaders, we must take this form of labor into account. But what impact does it have on our processes, tools and systems?

Precise cost allocation

Digital tools lead to new methods, that’ll simplify our working life. Especially tasks like registering employee expenses, but also how we acquire knowledge and become wiser about the profitability of our employees, company, customers and partnerships.

Meet Acubiz: Frederikke from support

In this article, the spotlight is turned towards Frederikke Simonsen, who is Support Consultant and one of the first persons you’ll talk to when calling Acubiz.

Can I have a digital receipt, please?

Receipts are important. They are also important for businesses, as they work as documentation for a given purchase.