Already 22 new customers in 2017!

Although the first few months of a new year usually issues a “low season” for new customers, we must realize that the number of new customers for January and February 2017 seems positive for Acubiz. 22 new customers have signed and selected our expense management solution. We are excited that our solution helps all types of companies whether they are a large or small company. Digital expense management is for everyone – and it is a pleasure to contribute with an app-based solution that makes travel expenses, mileage, etc. a lot faster and easier.

Our new customers are:

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian
Gribskov Kommune
Titan Containers
Skov A/S
Contrast Company
Elma Instruments
ES Sport
Kentaur A/S
Clio Online
Mediq Danmark
Geodis Wilson
Pressalit A/S
Securitas A/S
Dacapo SE
Dacapo NO
On Robot
Ribe Jernindustri
Buch & Holm
Bahrain Pro Cycling

New Customer: Danish Design Management A/S / Kähler Design


Danish Design Management, also called Kähler Design has chosen to implement Acubiz’s services to stream line their expense management processes.

They have signed the contract and together with one of our consultants, they will implement <a href="http://www check”>Acubiz EMS, as well as two of our apps: Capture and Mileage.

This means that they will easily be able to register expenses, mileage and credit card payments with the correct documentation.

In all they can look forward to saving up to 80 % of the time spent on expense management.

Learn more about how you can save time on expense management

Contact our Account Manager Alan Lustü at / +45 30 38 39 52 or book a meeting with one of the members of our sales team and learn what we can do for you.

11 new customers and 3,475 users in 2 months!

The first two months of 2016 are over now and so far in 2016 we have made 11 new solutions for new customers as well as existing customers who want to expand their solution to more departments. We welcomed a total of 3,475 users!

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SAS has chosen Acubiz’ expense management services

In future, SAS’ employees will be able to register their expenses digitally.
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800 new users of digital expense management

In November, Acubiz welcomed 12 new companies: Read more

IKAS has chosen Acubiz as their digital expense management service

From now on, 120 employees with IKAS (the institute for quality and accreditation in healthcare) will be able to make paperless expense management. Read more

Danish Crown signs up for Acubiz EMS

At Danish Crown, more than 1,000 employees will be able to benefit from using Acubiz Expense Management when handling their expense reporting zyban to quit smoking. Read more

New customer: PMC Technology

60 users at PMC Techonology will now benefit from Acubiz EMS andall of it features, when it comes to doing the expense reporting -quickly and easily. Acubiz EMS is an automised solution that makesthe everyday easier to both employees, finance and management.

PMC Techonology has also choosen to sign up for Capture, Mail-Inand Mileage – apps to optimise working procedures withinattachement of electronic documentation fx receipts related tocreditcard transactions and cash expenses, scanning invoices andforwarding these by the mail system and mileage, respectively.

Give us a call at +45 70 214 215 or write to us, if youwould like to know more about how to optimise your expensereporting with Acubiz EMS.

Joe & The Juice automises their expense reporting processes with Acubiz EMS

Joe & The Juice has choosen Acubiz EMS to optimisetheir processes within expense reporting.

With Acubiz EMS all expenses related to the employees will bemanaged through an automised and user-friendly workflow. Greatflexibility makes it easy to report all expenses ongoing and thiswith accuracy in accordance with documentation. Also, Joe & TheJuice has decided to sign up for the use of Acubiz Capture toreduce time spend on handling documentation in paper form.

Find out more about Joe & The Juice at

New Customer: ChemoMetec A/S

ChemoMetec has choosen to sign up for the use of Acubiz ExpenseManagement System – our web based EMS service that simplifiesautomise processes within expense reporting, when it comes toemployees’ everyday routines, ensures accury and compliance withdeadlines in the finance department as well as efficiency andtransparency to the management. The Acubiz Capture app as well asAcubiz Mileage app also makes it easy to upload and save receiptsas welle as reporting mileage, respectively.

About ChemoMetec
ChemoMetec A/S offers a product range consisting of high qualityautomated cell counters and advanced cell analyzers to helpstreamline processes for maximum efficiency within thepharmaceutical industry.

Visit to read more abouttheir acitivities.