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The financial year 2018

Acubiz has just presented its accounts for 2018 and once again, a strong performance has been delivered. A performance that is characterized by growth. The growth is noticeable across both customer acquisition, active solutions (installed base) and the number of users. 150 new solutions were sold in 2018 and Acubiz now serves customers in 33 countries and across 31 languages and local rules. In total, Acubiz serves more than 150.000 users.

Kim Pawrup appointed vice CEO

Alongside his current role as CSO, Kim Pawrup now also hold the role as vice CEO at Acubiz A/S.
Founder and CEO is commenting on the news.

Expenses made simple. For everyone!

I am extremely excited to present a new product today. During quite some time, we have experienced an increasing demand for our services from individual people. We are talking many different types of people here and counting both self-employed professionals and employees in different types of companies. As mentioned, the common denominator is that they seek an effective way to handle expenses and associated receipts as well as mileage. They will get that today.

We love cycling

We love cycling at Acubiz

We are proud to announce that we are new sponsor of the cycling club CK Nordsjælland. Our logo will adorn the cycle clothes of CK Nordsjælland in the future, and we are extremely pleased that Acubiz gets visibility on especially the North Zealand country roads. Of cause we have to mention Tour de France in Denmark as well.                       

Seen from the outside it can be difficult to see the connection between a cycling team and a fintech company. At Acubiz, however, we love all kinds of sports, as we are convinced that the joy of sports has positive effects on people’s mood and job satisfaction. This is the reason that Acubiz pays a fixed monthly amount to the employees’ sports activities.

The local and personal touch

CK Nordsjælland is a special cycling club that benefits both members and the local area of North Sealand. The team promotes cycling in North Zealand within both license-, competition- and exercise levels. Cycling is a sport that’s close to the heart of Acubiz CEO and founder, Lars de Nully. Therefore, the time for reflection wasn’t long when the opportunity for the sponsorship arose.

“I’ve always loved to cycle. I think it’s a fantastic way to exercise. I find CK Nordsjælland’s way of accessing the sport inspiring and we would love to support this at Acubiz. Time will tell if CK Nordsjælland is part of Tour de France when it starts in Denmark in 2021. Luckily, we can settle for less” tells Lars de Nully with a smile.

Tour de France in Denmark

We are also looking forward to 2021 when Tour de France comes to Denmark. It is going to be a crazy cycling year for Denmark and Tour de France’s arrival in Denmark is something we look very much forward to. Being able to attract such a large world event to Denmark is simply unique.

At Acubiz, we look forward to following our good customers, Astana Pro Team and Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team, when Tour de France start on Danish soil. The UCI World Tour 2019 includes 37 day and stage races worldwide and is extremely demanding for teams – sporting as well as administrative. Astana and Bahrain Merida have chosen Acubiz’s expense management solution to keep track of expenses, so they can keep focus on winning cycle races.

Mileage documentation requirements

Do you need an overview of your fuel refund options? Read more below and become more aware of both SKAT’s requirements for your mileage documentation and on Acubiz’ solution for easier mileage registration. Read more

Inbjudan – Acubiz frukostseminarium

Inbjudan – Frukost

Glöm tråkiga utgiftsrapporter.
Låt oss visa hur effektiva ni kan bli med godkännande av utgifter i realtid.

Acubiz bjuder in dig till vårt frukostseminarium med focus på hur man optimerar din tid. Kvitto skanning och rapportering med telefonapp och godkännande i realtid. Våra kunder brukar säga att vi jobbar med att minska deras konflikter och öka deras produktiva tid.

Efter en kort presentation och live demo erbjuder vi möjlighet till mingel och diskussion på hur vår expense management lösning matchar just era behov för hantering av utlägg, milersättning, tidsrapportering, traktamente, company policies, moms återvinning och mera.

Vill ni veta mera hur ni sparar både tid och pengar med automatiserad expense management? Anmäl dig nu!

// Tid och Plats
Onsdag 12 december 2018 från 07:40 till 10:00.

Kom till Acubiz frukostseminarium hos L’s Resto på Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Göteborg.

// Deltagande och Registrering
Deltagande är helt kostnadsfritt, men vi har begränsade antal platser så snälla anmäl er snarast möjligast. Anmäl här.

// Program
07:40 Registrering och frukost*
08:10 Acubiz EMS presentation // Hur ni kan spara tid och pengar med att godkänna utgifter i realtid.
08:50 United Cash Back presentation // Hur vi förenklar er moms-återvinning.
09.00 Meet & Greet // Vilka utmaningar finner ni med utgiftsrapportering.
10.00 Lämnar vi er i fred.

För frågor eller funderingar vänligen kontakta Sales Manager – Srecko Pavicevic på 0762 797 414 eller Går även bra att skicka SMS eller email med namn, telefonnummer, position och företag för att registrera er.

Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig!

*) Serveras: Ekologiskt kaffe/te, surdegsbaguette med grönsaker, ost & skinka, apelsinjuice från Brämhults, wapnöyoghurt med bär- & nötmüsli och pain au chocolate.

Acubiz EMS R7.0 release events

On November 12 and 13, Acubiz hosted the second release-presentation for the year. It went down across two events in Zealand and Jutland respectively. Around 250 people spent a day with us, at the two events in Rungsted and Skanderborg.

Acubiz has a relentless focus on adding value for our customers by constantly challenging the processes within expense management. We reflect this vision in our product development. In accordance with this, the new features in both Acubiz EMS R7.0 and in the Acubiz One app was presented.

New features

The news in EMS R7.0 spans across more flexible work with VAT codes, updated functionality for regenerating passwords, preparation for Business Central integration to updated diet rules for Norway and England as well as much more.

Likewise, an array of new features in the Acubiz One app was also presented. Users and approvers will now benefit from direct upload of pictures or PDF’s from mail apps or camera roll, mileage tracking in the background, secretary function, dimension split, integration to Storebox, Out of office function, reports and a lot more. All of these features align with Acubiz’ Mobile First concept – which is the idea that all functionality will be present in the app, so that users and approvers can handle every task on the go.

Easy processing of supplier invoices

In addition to the above, we also put focus on the Acubiz’ Invoice Management Service (IMS) during the events. Acubiz IMS is a solution, that provides organizations with an automated and digital workflow for managing supplier invoices. The approval process is obviously integrated with the Acubiz One app, meaning that invoices easily can be approved through a smartphone. Read more about the solution here.

Acubiz One workshop

Finally, the event participants did a workshop with the Acubiz One app. The attendees went through a “hands-on” experience with solving tasks related to expense handling through the app. Several participants said, that this was a true eye opener to them, in terms of how easy user and approver tasks is done on the go. Interested in seeing for yourself? Then contact us here.

Reminder of the month…

Do you think that the VAT recovery process is too complicated?

No matter what industry or business you work in, Acubiz will help you reclaim your foreign VAT. It is possible to recover VAT from a variety of purchases, among other things, food, accommodation and fuel. Read more

INVITATION // Release 7.0 presentation

Keep up to date with the news in Acubiz Expense Management
…and get inspired by best practice with Acubiz.

Product news and best practice with Acubiz Expense Management is the headlines for the coming release presentation in November.

The event will take place in Rungsted (Zealand) and Skanderborg (Jutland) – and dates are as follows:


// Where and when?

Monday 12 November 2018 / 9.00 – 14.30
Rungstedgaard, Rungsted Strandvej 107, DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst

Tuesday 13 November 2018 / 9.00 – 14.30
Skanderborg Park, Skovsvinget 10, DK-8660 Skanderborg


// Registration

To sign up, please register here (in Danish).

Deadline for registration is 1 November 2018.

Please note, that the presentation will be held in Danish.