Market-leading Expense Management provider: Customer knowledge and seeking new trends are key as front runner

With a learning approach to product development, an adaptable and experienced development team, as well as close customer relations, Acubiz has come a long way as Expense Management provider. In a changeable market, with a constant increase in competitors and innovative technologies, a software company and technical staff must have an interest in and be curious about technologies and be willing to take risks.

In the beginning, Acubiz functioned as a consulting company, with a primary focus on customized solutions. Gradually, the wish to focus on one solution increased and after six years, Acubiz seized the opportunity as Expense Management provider in 2003. In other words, Acubiz developed a standardized software solution – today known as Acubiz Expense Management Service (Acubiz EMS).

During the time as consulting company, Acubiz created close customer relations and got great insight in the customers’ needs in relation to process optimization. Altogether, this have enabled Acubiz to develop a digital and automated solution within Expense Management, which meet customer demands.

Dynamic development team

As one of the leading providers on the market, it is necessary that the company is constantly moving forward. It takes a specific set of digital glasses to follow today’s technology, the industry and to be at the leading edge of product innovation. The development team therefore consists of, among others, an API-expert and a Product Owner who have great interest in and experience with digitisation, technology and market tendencies.

The development team also consists of experienced employees, with more than twelve years of seniority. They know Acubiz like the back of their hand and they have all been a part of the significant decisions in relation to the business, the product development and have been main developer on the digital software solution Acubiz EMS, which is located at the Acubiz office in Birkeroed.

Kristian Norrbohm, CTO at Acubiz tells: “Despite our twenty years of experience within the industry of Expense Management, we must constantly think innovatively when we develop. Hence, the team consists of employees with experience and industry knowledge, who can understand the needs of the customers while being technological visionary in that intersection between technology and process.”

Outsourcing of the app-development – a strategic choice

When Acubiz launched the first app in 2012, the company chose to outsource the app-production. Today, the development of the app Acubiz One takes place at Altoros in Minsk. To outsource the development of the app is a strategic choice, which allows Acubiz to maintain focus of being and remaining an expert within process optimisation of Expense Management.

CTO, Kristan Norrbohm clarifi es: “We do not have to be app-experts. Our ambitions are to develop solutions, which enhance the customers working day and make travel expenses, expense claims and mileage registration as easy as possible for the specific user. There are many talented app-developers on the market, which makes it evident to find a partner that matches our own and our customers’ needs.”

How to create relevant solutions

The biggest source of inspiration for new products is the customers. For example, an idea can arise when Acubiz is in dialogue with potential as well as excisting customers, during the implementation of Acubiz EMS or during an Acubiz seminar. Any given meeting can open doors which leads to new opportunities. The inspiration additionally arises from new technologies as well as internal ideas from employees at Acubiz.

When the idea has landed, it is up to Acubiz’ Product Board to assess the potential. If an approval is given, the idea is viewed from different perspectives, with the purpose of lifting the idea and create a relevant product, beneficial for the majority. Before the launce, the product is tested and quality-assured by Acubiz’ test team and through beta tests among interested customers.

What does the future offer?

Acubiz is in 2018 aiming for 100% mobility for users and approvers. The app, Acubiz One will handle all user – and approver related functions with an intuitive user interface and an informative dashboard. In Acubiz EMS the focus is on optimising and increasing the efficiency of the software solution with benefits that are useful to the administrator and the financial role among the customers.

Regardless of talking about Acubiz EMS, Acubiz One or new services, the essential is that Acubiz is always updated and dare to engage in new initiatives. It is therefore not a part of the Acubiz mind set to plan ten years into the future, but to ensure that the company is capable of taking advantage of the technological opportunities, and continuously is the frontrunner within Expense Management.

Product Owner at Acubiz, Mads Bach explains: “As a technology company, you need to be creative and agile to follow up with recent technologies and competition, who constantly are pushing status quo and the customers’ expectations to the products and services, you provide. All the time, we see new competitors who try to deliver solutions, which is better and cheaper. Therefore, we as an established player on the market must continue developing on our products and services, so we accommodate the market’s needs. Contemporary is it important that we dare to challenge the existing processes so that we can be at the cutting edge of our products. On behalf of our customers, our ambitions are great which is why we have great expectation to our solutions.”

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