Acubiz x Tietotili: New partnership

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HLB Tietotili Consulting is the latest addition to our growing number of partners in Finland, and we’re happy to welcome them in our partner programme. Our partnership is based on an agreement, where HLB Tietotili Consulting can work with Acubiz towards their customers, where they are managing accounting tasks.

HLB Tietotili Consulting is a full-service accounting firm that help and advice its customers within financial administration services and taxation – with intuitive software and digital tools as part of the solution. They were founded in 1985 in Vantaa and their staff of employees counts 55 employees working from their three different office locations in Finland.

Our expansion and growth strategy in Finland is, among other things, based on partnerships. For that reason, we’re obviously happy for our partnership with HLB Tietotili Consulting – a partnership that benefits both parties. HLB Tietotili Consulting broaden the knowledge and the use of Acubiz in the Finnish market, and Acubiz makes it possible for HLB Tietotili Consulting to service those of their customers who wants to digitize and automate their business spend processes.

– From the initial conversations with Tietotili, we felt that they understood our business and were aware of the benefits that a digital process for managing employee-initiated expenses undoubtedly will bring. They know what kind of challenges their customers face when it comes to managing, documenting, and bookkeeping of expenses. They also have the competencies inhouse to help and guide their customers, and therefore we’re thrilled and excited about this partnership, explains Anders Friis, CCO at Acubiz.

Veikko Virkki, Partner at HLB Tietotili Consulting elaborates on the partnership:

– We listen to our customers at Tietotili. And for some time, we’ve experienced an increased focus on the end-to-end processes related to expenses. Therefore, we’ve been in the market for a partnership with an Expense Management provider. We’re really excited that we’ve reached an agreement with Acubiz, who are the leading Expense Management provider in the Nordics with more than 24 years of experience. The extensive functionality and the user-friendly interface within Acubiz decided the matter, but we’ve also felt included and important during our conversations, which gave us a really good feeling about the partnership – a feeling that has continued afterwards.

Check out HLB Tietotili Consulting’s offerings and read about them here.

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