Operating status

Special information regarding maintenance or other cause which generally affects users of Acubiz.


Normal operation


Since FTPS certificate is replaced in connection with encryption certificate renewal for acubizems.com, it will be necessary for customers running FTPS (not SFTP) to accept the new certificate by FTP file download all upload.

Customers may need to do this manually to get an automated download or upload to run properly.

Some customers has been debited duplicate transactions. First Card are investigating the issue. The transactions will be automatically corrected and there is no need to contact Support.

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Updated 10.21.2020, 9:29

The app is working and is fully functional.

Updated 20.10.2020 kl. 12:20

During the time 17.00-19.00 (CEST), Acubiz cannot be accessed via the usual "Log in" link.

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