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Besides offering our app-based Expense Management service, we are also consuming other app while we carry out our daily routines at work. For example, when we are visiting customers, participating at sales meetings or are implementing our solutions with customers. In the following, we’ll share our five favorite apps with you, as they are doing our job a little easier – even at areas that we thought we already had covered.

Find your car with AR

This app is just brilliant. Most of us have tried this before: You’ve just concluded a long day with 4 or 5 visits with customers or potential customers. You arrive at the parking lot but can’t remember were you’ve parked. With “Find my car with AR” you can utilize Augmented Reality to help trace your steps back to where you parked. Once you load the application you are being pointed in the right direction. The app tells you also the street address close to where you parked, how far away it is and the date and time of your parking. In fact, you can use it for anything you want to get back to. Not only your car but also a street, your bicycle or a special store.

Apcoa Flow

The next thing that is indispensable, when you are conducting business away from the office, is of course a parking app. Our favorite app in this category is Apcoa Flow. Do not despair, as the link will guide you to Apcoa Connect. That’s just the UK version but it does the same – it’ll let you park your car with good conscience. 

The reason why we use Apcoa Flow in relation to parking is simple: Their advantage programme. The program entails, that if you connect services that have a partnership with Apcoa, then you’ll get a discount. In Denmark, this means that we get a discount every time we cross the bridge named ‘Storebæltsbroen’, which is quite often when you are a key account manager in Denmark. There’s a bunch of other partnerships that’ll generate discount, e.g. Tivoli Gardens.

The app is currently available across 13 countries in Northern Europe including Germany, Italy, UK and the Scandinavian countries.


This one speaks for itself. This app allows you to check the fuel prices at almost 70.000 gas stations throughout 13 countries in Northern Europe. In addition to the information provided in the app’s database, the users of fuel-for-less can take active part in updating prices by taking a photo of the prices display board at the gas station.

Most people like to refuel the car at gas stations where the prices are low. That’s where Fuel-for-Less comes in handy. It can save you or your company up to €500 a year if you use the gas stations with the lowest prices. If you don’t have time to use the app, then always remember two things if you want to save money on fuel: Don’t refuel your car between 10-12 in the morning and don’t use the gas stations by the highway. They’ll use the same listing price all day.


This app is crazy. It’s not magic, but close enough. The Hear app is a way for you to alter the surrounding noises and sounds. It harmonizes your listening experience which helps you to be less distracted and stressed. But what does the app do? It filters your acoustic environment, takes out harsh sounds and turns stressful noise into harmonic sound environments.

All you need to do is to plug in your existing headphones and listen through one of the listening filters. The app utilizes the full-duplex function in your headphones to transmit the data, or sound, two ways simultaneously.

This technology enables your headphones to filter or mute background noise, but you can still hear people talking to you. The app is very useful if you are working in an open office with 20-30 co-workers and need to detach yourself and focus on a job or task. This can be obtained with the Office-filter. 

Cheatsheet Notes

This app is one of those apps you probably didn’t know that you were looking for, but when you’ve tried it, you can’t live without it.

Cheatsheet Notes is for all the small things we always forget: Hotel room number, license plates, luggage combination, ID numbers. You just write them down in Cheatsheet Notes and then you can paste them anywhere – only by tapping-and-holding the row in which the “cheat” appears. Måske det kan undlades?

A cheat in this sense is passwords, numbers and hints that helps to make sure you never forget another bit of information again. With use of the more than 200 icons, it’ll help you to remember what the cheat is about. One of the nice features of the app is that Siri can be utilized. Just ask Siri to either “add notes to Cheatsheet” or “find notes in Cheatsheet”. You can also set up the app, so it appears when swiping right on your locked screen or glance at it directly on your Smart Watch. Remember, don’t use Cheatsheet Notes for important passwords or personal information. It’s only as secure as you are making it.

So, there you have it: Our 5 favorite free apps right now. Perhaps you knew some of them already and others you probably didn’t knew existed. We hope you’ll enjoy using these apps as much as we do.

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