Privacy Policy

Version 1. updated 26 August 2016

Acubiz Approve is a mobile application provided by Acubiz A/S. As such Acubiz A/S is responsible for handling any data provided, in accordance with Danish Law. Specifically, our services comply with the legislation defined in the Danish Act on Personal Data (Persondataloven).

Acubiz Approve is a mobile application used to Approve and Decline single transactions registered using Acubiz EMS and the applications related to Acubiz EMS; Capture, Time, Mileage and Mail-In. These transactions include expenses, mileage and absence. These transactions include relevant data including but not limited to receipts, amount, purpose for the transaction, start and end addresses, route, the reason for absence and other data relevant to the transaction. The only information handled in the app is information that is requested by the Customer and agreed upon with Acubiz EMS. The information is not stored in the app but is retrieved upon logging in. All information logged in the app is sent directly to the Acubiz EMS web-application and is not stored in the app.

Acubiz A/S stores and treats personal information in accordance with Danish law and the terms agreed to in our General Terms and the Contract between Acubiz A/S and the Customer. Acubiz A/S has taken the necessary measures to ensure that all information is stored in such a manner that it is protected against being destroyed, lost, comprised or disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Acubiz uses non-specific device information, such as device type, language settings and operating system, to optimize user experience.

Acubiz Capture uses e-mail address, company-ID and password for login purposes. This information is also necessary to allocate expenses to the correct company and user in Acubiz EMS.