Product update – April 2021

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We’re presenting new approval workflows in Acubiz Expense and Acubiz Invoice this month. Particularly, we can present improvements to Acubiz Invoice, that, besides new approval workflows, also include a better way to manage OIOUBL invoices and an easier way to maintain and control master data.

New and improved approval workflows

Acubiz’ industry knowledge is broad with customers of all sizes ranging from micro businesses to large global companies. Costs related to projects are a natural part of everyday life for many of our customers, and the approval workflows are often advanced, changeable and, for some, dependent on amount limits.

In recent months, we’ve focused on improving and expanding the various types of approval workflows – both in Acubiz Expense and Acubiz Invoice. Among other things we now offer a “Step-by-step approval based on approval amount”. The approval flow is based on each approver at his/her “step” having to accept the cost with the approver’s own amount limit, after which it continues upwards until an approver with sufficient authority finally approves the cost. This is particularly relevant in companies that want each stakeholder to be informed about the size of the cost at the forefront rather than in a report at a later stage.

If the above workflow isn’t suitable for your business, we still have our regular approval workflow, where one approval (with or without control of amount limits) can be set up.

Improvements to Acubiz Invoice in both web and mobile application

Our customers has managed supplier invoices from selected suppliers in OIOUBL format in Acubiz Expense for years. We have now refined our integration tool so that all suppliers’ OIOUBL invoices can be scanned, entered into accounts and be approved in Acubiz Invoice.

We’ve also improved our input- and output functions in Acubiz Invoice in order to make it easier to maintain and control master data – e.g. for the purpose of loading in a list of suppliers from the finance system and refining it with a potential requester and approver for each supplier.

It’s possible to approve or reject supplier invoices in Acubiz One. The user hasn’t, however, had the opportunity to edit cost type, dimensions or write a comment. This is now possible, and it eases the administration work in cases where, e.g., a project, cost type or other information’s has to be changed.

Other new features and release date

We’ve enhanced our OCR technology so VAT amounts can be scanned and captured from receipts. The VAT amount can also be changed manually by the user if it, contrary to expectations, hasn’t been captured correct.

All new features will be available to costumers in the upcoming version 7.25, which will be released in mid-May.

Stay tuned and read along next month, where we’ve got a special focus on improving Acubiz One.

Thanks for reading.

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