Product update – August 2021

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We’re back after a wonderful summer. The batteries are recharged once again and we’re more than ready for the remainder of 2021.

During the summer, we’ve tuned on Acubiz. Among other things, we’ve improved our service, Acubiz Single Sign-On (SSO) so that our customers can make use of improved access control through our mobile application, Acubiz One. In addition, we can present smaller improvements to our solutions and new possibilities for the approval workflow in Acubiz Time.

Acubiz Single Sign-On is now also available for Acubiz One

It’s been possible for our customers to purchase Acubiz SSO for our web application in many years. And now it’s possible for Acubiz One as well. Basically, Single Sign-On is access control of several related, but independent, IT systems and applications. The company can give the user access to multiple systems with just one login. Thus, identity and access management can be managed centrally and internally, which helps to increase the company’s data security.

Those of our customers who already use Acubiz SSO for our web application are particularly pleased with the increased security and control regarding the user management. When an employee leaves the company, it’s possible to disable or delete the employee’s local Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) user. This automatically logs the employee out of all the systems that are synchronized with the company’s ADFS.

The configuration of Acubiz SSO requires access to your company’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) infrastructure. The access control to both Acubiz’ web and mobile application is beneficial for both employees and companies:

  • Log in once
  • You don’t have to remember different passwords
  • No inquiries to the IT department about forgotten passwords and thus time savings
  • More control and increased data security as users, roles and identities are managed centrally and internally

Consult your contact person at Acubiz if you want to know more about Acubiz Single Sign-On.

Minor improvements and new options for approval in Acubiz Time

As always, there’s work taking place behind the-scenes to improve and enhance our various solutions and services. Over the summer, this work has led to minor expansions of our allowance calculations, minor improvements to Acubiz Invoice as well as minor adjustments to dimension-controlled entry and credit card reconciliation.

We’ve also worked on approval workflows in Acubiz Time as mentioned in our last newsletter. It’s now possible to configure Acubiz Time, so that certain time categories are approved by the immediate manager, while others can be approved by another. That may be the case in a situation where an employee are working on a temporary project, where the approver must be the project manager instead of the employee’s “normal” manager.

Thanks for reading.

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