Product update – December 2020

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A new department in Acubiz was born in September. Our talented and creative UI/UX designer Mie and sharp and hard-working project manager Britta is part of the department together with myself. Mie makes sure that everything we do is intuitive, user-friendly and looks aesthetically pleasing across platforms. Britta keeps the overview and makes sure that we’re sticking to the timeline and keeps momentum and motivation in the development of new functionality.

My name is Kim and I’m Product Manager and responsible for balancing our product development between business, technology and customer service. In other words, I’m responsible for evaluating our user’s great ideas, translating them into a technical solution at a price point that potential and existing customers are willing to pay. Everything is, of course, done by involving various of my approximately 30 colleagues.

It’s essential for us that we understand and consider our users’ requests and needs. This knowledge must be translated into new development initiatives that create value in their everyday lives – for both employees, approvers, and finance employees.

I will, in the future, update you on ongoing projects, new features and new projects once a month. I hope that you’ll read along every month.

For employees:

Use of Acubiz widgets on iPhones

With iOS 14 we all got the ability to create custom widgets. Acubiz has jumped the bandwagon and can offer Acubiz widgets for the home screen, giving the user a quick overview and the option for a more personalized and customized shortcut to Acubiz One.

Acubiz widgets comes in different sizes which allows users to design their home screen to their liking. You can also gather more widgets in so-called widget stacks, to use less screen space.

Here’s a guide on how to add Acubiz widgets to your home screen:

  1. From the home screen, touch and hold (force touch) a widget and choose “Edit home screen” in the menu. You can also touch and hold an empty area on the screen until the apps jiggle.
  2. Tap the Add button (plus icon) in the top left-hand corner.
  3. Search for “Acubiz”, choose among the different widgets depending on your preferences and tap “Add widget”
  4. Tap “Done”
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Video guide to set up Acubiz widgets on your iPhone.

You can gather widgets in a “Stack”. Do this by dragging a widget on top of another widget. Then you’re able to scroll between the widgets.

It’s far easier to use than to explain. That’s why we’ve made a video that demonstrates how you add and stack widgets. See the video below.

By the way, remember to share this news with relevant employees.

For the finance department:


For long, we’ve had a desire to make it easier and faster for new customers to get started using Acubiz. We’re therefore pleased that our project “Onboarding” – a self-service solution for configuring Acubiz – soon will be airborne.

We’re currently testing this stuff internally and expect that during January 2021 it’ll be possible for new customers to set up their Acubiz solution without the assistance of an Acubiz consultant.

If new customers choose to use our self-service onboarding process, they’ll receive a link to a configuration flow where they’ll be guided thoroughly through a few steps. We need some basic information to configure the customers’ Acubiz solutions. For example, we need to know which employees who’re going to be treated with an Acubiz account, which finance and salary system that’s used, whether financial dimensions are used, what cost types that’re needed etc.

Our experienced and competent consultants will still be available and ready to help if the customers’ processes are complex and need some extra love to set up. They’re also ready to help if you would like to discuss issues, bookkeeping practice, processes or integrations with a real person at the other end.

The self-service solution can be used by all companies but is particularly relevant for those who want to get started using Acubiz quickly and at a low cost.

Thanks for reading.

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