Product update – February 2021

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In February we’ve primarily worked behind the scenes, meaning that we’ve been working on developing a wide range of new features for our various modules. And the new features will be launched in the coming months. However, we can present the feature “round trip” that makes the registration of travel allowances easier and faster – especially for our users in Finland. Read along.

Round trip in Acubiz One

We love when our committed and loyal customers sends us feedback and suggestions for new features that make everyday life easier for them. Fortunately, that happens quite often. It’s a major focus area for Acubiz that we develop initiatives that create value in for our users, both for employee, approver, and finance department.

A couple of our Danish customers, and Finish partners, have requested the opportunity to create a round trip when registering travel allowances. Until now, users had to complete their allowance after one journey from A to B. If the user continued the same journey a couple of hours later, the user had to start a new allowance registration – even though the destination and allocation on a department or project were similar.

Round trip makes it possible to register the travel allowances to several locations one time instead of two, three or more times – if it makes sense in the specific situation. Here’s an example where an employee from Finland is visiting the company’s head quarter in Copenhagen, but on one way has to make a stopover in Stockholm.

  • Flies from Helsinki to Stockholm
  • Flies from Stockholm to Copenhagen
  • Flies later the same day from Copenhagen directly to Helsinki

Previously, the employee had to register the allowance several times but the round trip feature have put an end to that workstream. Acubiz handles all the rules and maintains the various rates associated with the calculation of the employee’s tax-free and any taxable allowances. Rates which, by the way, differs from country to country, but Acubiz can now manage everything in one workflow.

The new feature obviously means that time can be saved when making travel allowances. And as we know, time savings and easier workflows is always well received.

Updated travel- and mileage allowance rates

The travel- and mileage allowance rates changes every year and the rates must be updated in Acubiz, so the allowance can be calculated correctly on the basis of applicable law. The update was made in December, and we just want to take this opportunity to tell you that the different country rates are up to date.

Acubiz supports country rates for travel- and mileage allowances in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom. We’ve developed a rule engine which covers the necessary calculations, and we update proactively and continuously with the new rates. If needed by our customers, we can support the rules and rates in all of the 45 countries we’re represented in.

See or download the countries we support here.

We’ll unveil upcoming improvements for our invoice management solution, Acubiz Invoice, in next month’s product update.

Thanks for reading!

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