Product update – January 2021

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A new year awaits. The same goes for the many new initiatives, product updates and launches that are scheduled in 2021. That is a promise I can give, since I know what is coming.

New integration tool

Over the past few months Acubiz has been working intensively with a new integration tool, which enables customers to configure the interface against their finance system themselves. Historically, this has been a task for our consultants, and they have therefore carried out the task either partially or entirely.

We have re-thought this workflow and used our more than twenty years of experience to develop a range of templates within the integration tool. This makes it easy and fast for new customers to get started with the integration to the salary- and/or the finance system. At the same time, it is easy to fine-tune accounting texts and sum up posting lines per account, dimension or something third.

It is not only new customers who will benefit from the new integration tool. Existing customers will benefit as well. If existing customers are changing their finance system, the cost of re-configuring the integration will be significantly reduced or in some cases completely eliminated.

Our consultants will be at your disposal. Exactly like you have been used to. They will help with guidance and instructions on how to set up and use the tool, if there should be any complications with adjusting the integration.

The integration tool is part of every customers subscription – provided that the customer has a standard Acubiz solution. The first pilot customers are using the integration tool now and we are already gathering input for future versions.

LiveSearch – for you with many dimension values

We have developed a faster and easier way to search for correct dimension values. We call the function LiveSearch and it is particularly relevant and valuable for project-oriented companies with many projects, cases, customers, clients etc. where expenses are to be attached.

In such cases, we have previously experienced pace challenges with loading the dimension values in Acubiz One. With LiveSearch, we have put all the values in the cloud and the user is therefore able to retrieve the correct dimension value on-demand. An internet connection is required to load the data since LiveSearch is cloud-based. Contact your Acubiz contact person for further information.

Stay tuned for the February edition of our newsletter, where we will unveil completely new functionalities and opportunities in Acubiz Mileage – our solution for tracking and managing company related driving.

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