Product update – June 2021

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Summer is upon us. In the coming weeks, employees in all organizations will recharge their batteries together with family and friends.

I’ll use this month’s column space to give a nice summer tip to employees, who are approvers in Acubiz. In addition, I’ll present some of the new features that are planned for the autumn releases. Lean back and read along.

Out of Office: How to make sure that every expense is being approved during holidays

When a holiday draw close, and especially the summer holiday, employees ask themselves the question “how do I get my expenses approved and reimbursed when my manager is on vacation?”. Likewise, managers and approvers ask themselves “who approves my colleagues’ expenses or time registrations while I’m on holiday?”. The struggle is real, but the solution is simple. You just need to turn on “Out of Office” in Acubiz One.

  1. Go to settings by tapping the nut/gear icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Go to “my account” and select “Out of Office” *
  3. Activate the function
  4. Choose new approver and date interval

* NB: This feature is only available to users who are set up as approvers in Acubiz.

The chosen new approver is then responsible for approving the employees’ different expense transactions during the selected time period. It’s unnecessary for employees to wait several weeks to get out-of-pocket expenses, company credit card transactions, mileage, invoices, time registrations etc. approved and reimbursed because their manager is on holiday. For some employees, this can involve large amounts.

It’s also frustrating for the finance department, if they have to wait several weeks before they can do the bookkeeping. It creates discrepancies in budgets and in the financial management if expenses for one month are handled and bookkept the following month.

The Out of Office feature is important to remember as the holidays approach.

Improvements for Acubiz Mileage and Acubiz Time are planned

We look forward to the second half of the year, where we’re going to present you with new functionalities in all our solutions. Acubiz is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and behind the scenes, we’re constantly working to fine-tune our solution. That may be small speed improvements and improvements to the user interface. In addition to the small and continuous improvements, we’re looking forward to presenting you with several great news in Acubiz Mileage and Acubiz Time.

  • Acubiz Mileage: We’re improving our mileage module with a “pool car” solution. A solution that allows companies with pool cars/courtesy cars to keep mileage accounts of the individual pool car in a smart and user-friendly way.
  • Acubiz Time: We’re improving Acubiz Time and makes it possible for both manager/approver and colleagues to get an overview of planned time and absence. It will be possible for some time categories to be approved by the immediate manager, while others can be approved by, for example, a project manager.

More info will follow after the summer holiday. Thanks for reading and happy holiday.

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