Product update – May 2021

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Now it’s possible for our customers to take advantage of all the brilliant new features in version 7.25 of Acubiz. We’ll go through the most vital and at the same time also present Nykredit’s new white label solution.

Features in version 7.25

We released version 7.25 of Acubiz at the end of May, and the new version comes with many new features that will benefit both new and existing customers. Here’s an overview of the most important ones:

  • Electronic invoices in OIOUBL format in Acubiz Invoice
    All suppliers’ OIOUBL invoices can now be scanned, posted to the chart of accounts, and approved in Acubiz Invoice. The workflow in Acubiz Invoice as like this: invoices are sent from the supplier in OIOUBL format to the customer’s EAN number through NemHandel and directly to Acubiz. Acubiz receives the invoices, capture the invoice information, and prepares the invoice for control and approval.
  • New editing options for invoices in Acubiz One
    Previously, employees only had the option to reject or approve an invoice in Acubiz One. Now they can edit the information in the app, where it’s possible to edit cost type, dimensions or to add a comment.
  • New approval flows in Acubiz Invoice
    It’s possible to configure the approval flow in Acubiz Invoice with multiple approvers. An approval flow can be set up, where each approver at his/her “step” has to accept the cost with the approver’s own amount limit, after which it continues upwards until an approver with sufficient authority finally approves the cost.
  • Capturing VAT amounts on receipts
    We’ve enhanced our OCR engine, which make it capable of scanning and capturing VAT amounts on receipts.
  • Improvements to Acubiz Mileage
    If a user changes the registered or entered route in Acubiz Mileage, the user will be prompted to enter an explanation as to why the route has been changed. An example could be a roadwork that has led to a significant change of route. When users enter a start and end address in Acubiz Mileage, Acubiz One will automatically select the fastest route while suggesting alternative routes. The alternative routes have now been made more visible to the user.
  • New security procedure when changing password
    Users who use Acubiz on multiple devices and change the password on one device, will be logged off on the other devices and asked to enter the new password next time they log in.

White label – Nykredit Expense Manager

In addition to the release of the new version of Acubiz, we’ve also developed a new version of Nykredit Expense Manager. Nykredit Expense Manager is a white label solution where all the great Acubiz functionality is branded in Nykredit colors.

Nykredit Expense Manager helps Nykredit’s business customers manage and document purchases made on company cards, cash outlays and company-related driving. The solution integrates with both company cards and finance systems and is therefore ensuring full digital documentation on all expense transactions.

We’re certain that Nykredit’s business customers will benefit from Nykredit Expense Manager. It will undoubtedly reduce the processing time of the individual expense transaction, ensure accurate documentation, full insight and overview as well as ongoing bookkeeping. In other words, it will benefit both the employee, the approver and the finance department.

Thanks for reading.

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