Product update – November 2021

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Product Update can celebrate its one-year birthday this month. The purpose has from the beginning been to update on ongoing projects, new features and new projects once a month. Even though I’m the sender of Product Update, everything is a coordinated effort among my skilled colleagues – both in my department “Product Management” but also in the rest of the organization.

In Product Management, we’re constantly working to create development initiatives that create value in our users’ everyday lives – for both employees, approvers, and finance employees. A vision that we tried to illustrate and realize during Acubiz Summit 2021, where my colleague Frederik and I told about Acubiz’ financial engine, how we work to create Acubiz’ future financial interface and our colleague, Kim Pawrup, explained 2021 news in our mobile application.

I’ll go through what we talked about at Acubiz Summit 2021 in this month’s Product Update.

Acubiz Summit 2021

During the presentation “An insight into the financial engine”, we went in depth with many of 2021’s most important new features – many of them were demonstrated “live” in our web application. Among other things, we went through country-specific allowance- and mileage rules in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia and Denmark. In addition, we demonstrated our feature “Pool Cars” as well as the new approval workflow in Acubiz Invoice.

During the presentation “the Future Finance Interface”, we covered the status of our new financial interface. We’ve worked a whole lot on the new interface for a long time and we’ve thus come a long way. We also revealed the new design, took the users behind the scenes and explained our thoughts and how we’ve planned and implemented security, user-friendliness and customizability into the interface.

Kim Pawrup presented 2021 news in our mobile application, Acubiz One. Kim demonstrated i.a how Pool Cars and Company Policy Manager is used – both together and separately. He gave insight into what Acubiz is planning for the future design of Acubiz One as well. We’re working to make the design of our mobile and web application more alike than they are today with a better common expression.

Future communication of customer-relevant information

In general, we’re sending out information when we launch new features or if we otherwise make changes that affect our customers. This is also communicated through our Help Center. We’ve always seen Acubiz Summit as a really good opportunity to communicate to a wide audience.

The opportunity to explain and demonstrate new features “live” through online presentations is something that we see some potential benefits within. Therefore, we’re going to use online presentations more often in the future when we’ve got some relevant information to tell our customers.

Besides giving the opportunity to speak to many at once, online presentations also provides an opportunity for our customers to ask questions and give us feedback and suggestions. Something that we accept with open arms, as it makes us in a better position to improve ourselves and deliver even better solutions and services.

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