Product update – October 2021

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The headlines for October month in Acubiz is development and test of release 7.26 as well as preparation for Acubiz Summit 2021.

Development and test of release 7.26

“Releases” is a common expression within software development and is used when a new software version is released. We use the term ourselves when we’re updating our web application and developing new features. We’ve reached release 7.26 in Acubiz.

We’ve spend a large part of October on completing the release and testing it thoroughly for any bugs and minor imperfections. The main theme of release 7.26 is pool cars. The necessary “fleet administration” is now ready in our web application, so our customers can use the solution for mileage registration in pool cars as well as control and reporting regarding usage. More and more companies have requested the pool car solution and we’re therefore pleased that we’re able to offer it.

If you’ve purchased our Company Policy Manager, the finance department can now be notified if a user has corrected the mileage distance. There’re many new features in release 7.26. It’s worth mentioning, that it’s possible to set up a mandatory login through Face ID (if supported by the phone). As always, we’ve also developed minor adjustments and improvements for our various solutions and services. Attend Acubiz Summit 2021 to find out more about release 7.26 (read more below).

The first customers has already been upgraded to 7.26 and the remaining customers will be upgraded during the coming weeks.

Acubiz Summit 2021

We repeat the success from the last couple of years and host our annual Acubiz Summit in November – it all takes place online as last year. We’ve invited customers to five different online presentations over five days in week 46. The Acubiz Summit is definitely one of the most important events of the year for Acubiz, as we are allowed to talk to our large customer base. Even though we haven’t met each other physically in the last two years, we still find it hugely rewarding to meet online. I’m personally thrilled with our Summit, since we always receive valuable feedback that we can make use of in our product development.

Acubiz Summit is in Danish this year but it might also be held in English next year.


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