Product update – September 2021

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During the summer we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming two new colleagues to our Development Department. Our Support and Sales Department is also growing in terms of employees, which you can read more about in a blog post in the coming days. Our two new Developers, Hans-Jørgen and Joacim, have already been involved in the projects in this month’s product update. They’ve worked with the Dinero integration and with the development of our web application.

Optimization of our integration with Dinero

We’ve optimized our integration with Dinero. Approved expenses can now be automatically transferred to our customers Dinero solution alongside a copy of the receipt.

Dinero is a modern and API based financial system – just like a number of the other financial systems we integrate into. Acubiz receives responses from Dinero around every single expense in a batch of expenses. If some expenses for a reason can’t be booked, they’ll be stamped with a reason code and an explanation. However, they’ll remain in Acubiz and will be ready for editing and afterwards transfer to Dinero again.  

Contact your contact person at Acubiz or contact us if you want to know more about our integration with Dinero.

Pool car solution on our web application

Earlier this year, we announced our pool car solution for mileage registration in pool cars. It became possible for employees to quickly check the vehicle’s odometer in Acubiz One, and at the same time complete a mileage registration with few clicks. The necessary “fleet administration” will be ready in our upcoming release 7.26.

It will be easy for the “fleet administrator” or finance employee to create the necessary reports and follow up on the individual vehicles or employees log of journeys, consumption patterns etc. The reports will also contain the necessary data which the Danish Customs and Tax Administration prescribes.

Add images to mileage registrations in Acubiz Mileage

It’s now possible to attach an image to your mileage registration in Acubiz One. Tap “Attach Image” and take a picture of what you want to attach. Some companies may require employees to take a picture of the notice of a meeting when they register mileage regarding a customer meeting. The authorities in the U.K. require employees to attach an image of the gas receipt related to the relevant mileage. Besides being a new smart feature, it also helps to support legislation in the U.K

As always, we’ve developed minor adjustments and improvements for our various solutions and services.

Thanks for reading.

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