Q3 – The prototype of our new Acubiz app is ready!

Like many other companies, summer can be a little calm due to the summer holidays. Q3 has been a quarter where we have managed to reach another milestone. Our prototype of our new and upcoming app is ready. Internally, we have expanded with two new employees – and the search for new profiles continues…

The new Acubiz app

Soon, the great Acubiz news this fall is ready to enrich our customers. For a long time, we have been working on a new Acubiz app, whose purpose is to make the Expense Management process even more smooth.Now, we have the prototype of the new app, which has many new and valuable features. The Acubiz app will be launched in October in addition to our Release Seminars, which are taking place 30th and 31st in Hørsholm and Skanderborg.

App development in Minsk

For the development of our new Acubiz app, we’ve made a collaboration with a global firm within software development with head quarter in Minsk. In Q3, our CTO, Kristian Norrbohm and our developer, Susanne Termark Perlman have been travelling to Minsk to take part in the project and development process of the new app.

Huge interest in VAT refund

This spring, we introduced our latest service within foreign VAT reclaiming and our corporation with Cash Back. The service helps our customers reclaiming their foreign VAT. A process which to many companies is unmanageable, long and downsized.

Since the launch of this service, we have experienced huge interest from our customers. It is a pleasure for Acubiz to witness the joy of our customers, when they get their money refunded.

New employees

Time doesn’t go slow in Acubiz. We are busy and therefore we are expanding again with two new employees.

In August 2017, we hired a young man for our IT department. Mikkel Due Garbov is our new IT consultant, who is working together with our IT Manager Peter Salling and IT consultant, Rene Elgaard. Acubiz’ IT department is managing our customers data and the internal IT-functions in Acubiz.

The need to strengthen our organization doesn’t end here. Right now, we are looking for a Technical Project Manager. Within the nearest future we will search for an implementation consultant to strengthen enrollment of more customers to our Acubiz EMS.

Half-yearly accounts in 2017

The financial results from first half-year in 2017 are ready. We are pleased to see an increase of 34% in revenue. The greatest pleasure is to witness the increasing numbers of customers who choose our Expense Management Solution as their preferred solution within optimization.

Photo: Susanne Termark Perlman – Sky Tower, Minsk