Reportage from 2 days of release presentation R6.8. and workshops

At the first release presentation of the year, more than 200 customers attended respectively over two days in Rungsted and Skanderborg. To learn more about what the customers think about the release presentation and Acubiz as their chosen Expense Management supplier, we exchanged a couple of words with customer representatives from Clio Online and Gyldendal.

During the presentation, Acubiz revealed two specific product news – Travel Management Service (TMS) and Invoice Management Service (IMS). Speaker and author, Claus Skytte provided the finishing touch on these two successful days, with significant lectures about the internet and the future role of automatization.

New initiatives and benefits with Acubiz One and Acubiz EMS was introduced and illustrated. We experienced a great level of engagement from the customers, which contributed to constructive discussions, ongoing dialogs and foundations for new ideas.


Why have you chosen to attend Acubiz release presentation?

Charlotte Dysted, Clio Online: ”It is the third time that I attend Acubiz Release. So, it is valuable to participate as customer. You get the latest updates, positive inputs and discussion via workshops and you furthermore get to meet the Acubiz employees”.

Pernille Wulff, Gyldendal: ”I am the internal ambassador for Acubiz and thus I have to go back and promote the news and further launching of the solution. I definitely think that the new Travel Manager sounds really interesting. I think that the development of Acubiz EMS and Acubiz One is positive in the sense that the new features and updates are released in small steps, which makes it easier for us to keep up in a reasonable pace”.


For how long have you been customer at Acubiz and what products do you use?

Charlotte Dysted, Clio Online: ”Clio Online uses Expenses and Mileage, purchased in Acubiz One. The system has saved us from a great amount of time. Clio Online has furthermore chosen to reclaim foreign VAT via the new Acubiz service with Cash back”. 

Pernille Wulff, Gyldendal: ”Gyldendal has been customers at Acubiz for a year and a half and we use Acubiz for our expenses. Gyldendal consists of many publishers and not all of them are using the service yet. As of now, we are probably 300 users”.


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