Services for Acubiz EMS

As a customer using Acubiz EMS you can adjust your solution to your customer needs. We have beneficial add-on services for your Acubiz EMS.

The main purpose with our services is to make your everyday life with Expense Management even more easy than it is already! We offer services with benefits which make Acubiz EMS even better. You can also select services beneficial to other administrative processes. It can be processes which a lot of companies take for granted or might not have profit to take care of. Processes Acubiz can cope easily with the data which is already registered in Acubiz EMS.

E.g. our newest service – VAT Refund – helps our Acubiz EMS customers with reclaiming foreign VAT. This process is time consuming, which is why some companies deselect to reclaim foreign VAT. Acubiz is ready to help you with this and much more!