Company Policy Manager - compliance towards expense policies

Transparency and policy compliance

Company Policy Manager secure that employees are compliant with corporate guidelines and policies related to expenses. You can configure control criterias, frequency for spot checks and differentiate requirements for specific expense types.

Service Illustration: Company Policy Manager

Configure to fit your corporate policies

Transparancy = positive regulation

By utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) it’ll be easier to control expenses. The technology will create transparancy, that’ll help regulate behaviour, in a positive direction, related to expenses.

Control amount limits on single employees, groups of employees or expense accounts – also across designated countries. As an example, a specific employee can receive a notification when that individual exceeds a given expense amount. The employee would then be prompted to justify the transaction. It’s also an option to route the transactions with policy violations for control by the finance departments.

  • Secure that employees comply to corporate policies, rules and guidelines for expenses
  • Configure control criterias according to your requirements (for example limits, documentation requirements etc.)
  • Create transparancy and qualified control on an ongoing basis
  • Define rules and frequency for spot checks

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