Fast Track - fast and efficient approval

Send expenses directly for approval from the smartphone

We’re breaking with the tradtional idea of consolidating expense transactions in a classic expense report. It’s a waste of time. With Fast Track, the user can send single transactions directly for approval with Acubiz One – no matter the type of expense. This approach is both faster and easier for user and approver. Fast Track is a game changer for managing travel expenses!

Service illustration: Fast Track

A faster en more efficient workflow

Faster and easier for both user and approver

As Fast Track user the countless hours and days spent collecting and consolidating receipts in an expense report is over. Each transaction is registered and handled the moment it occurs. Transactions from corporate cards are automatically matched with receipt and user coded data, and sent directly for approval. The approver can keep track of transactions for approval, through daily or weekly status updates.

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  • No more receipts to consolidate in an expense report.
  • Automatic match with credit card transactions makes submitting expenses a breeze.
  • Mange both expense submission and approval through the smartphone.
  • The finance department can speed up bookkeeping, accounting and settlements as well as obtain a real-time expense overview.

How to connect this service?

You can connect Fast Track, depending on your Acubiz solution. Contact us to learn more.

We offer three solutions, which enable you to find a setup that fits your business requirements. Do you want to optimize even more, then have a look at our full range of services.

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