Single Sign-On - Log in to Acubiz once and for all

Simple login process for all users

With our Single Sign-On service, you’ll be releived of typing user credentials and password every time you’ll need to access the web app, Acubiz EMS. You’ll stay logged in on a permanent basis and this feature will contribute to a fast and smooth operation with Acubiz. Also, it’ll save you the effort of memorizing yet another password.

Service: Single Sign-On

Simple service with great value

More passwords? No, thanks!

Through this service, user credentials and passwords are centrally administered. You’ll save time on the access process, and you don’t need to remember additional passwords. The IT department also doesn’t have to bother about forgotten user credentials and passwords anymore.

  • Log in once - and stay logged in
  • User credentials and passwords are safely stored
  • Avoid memorizing yet another password
  • Only requirement is an existing AD infrastructure

How to connect this service?

You can connect Single Sign-On, depending on your Acubiz solution. Contact us to learn more.

We offer three solutions, which enable you to find a setup that fits your business requirements. Do you want to optimize even more, then have a look at our full range of services.

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