Let Acubiz Single Sign-On simplify the login process

Simple login process for all users

Be releived of typing user credentials and password every time you will need to access Acubiz – both on web and mobile application. You will stay logged in on a permanent basis and this feature will contribute to a fast and smooth operation with Acubiz. Your company will gain more control and increased data security, as login information is being managed centrally and internally.

A service with great value for the users

More passwords? No, thanks!

Through this service, user credentials and passwords are centrally- and internally administered. You will save time on the access process, and you do not need to remember additional passwords. The IT department does not have to worry about spending time on helping users with forgotten user credentials and passwords.


How is SSO being configured?

If you have an Identity Provider (IdP) infrastructure in place, you can make use of Acubiz SSO. Acubiz just needs to be synchronized with your IdP, such as Microsoft AD FS or Microsoft Azure AD. You can simply remove or add users in one place – your IdP. Acubiz SSO thus helps to increase data security and better secure the IT environment.

How to connect this service?

Single Sign-On is an add-on service that can be connected to your solution depending on your wanted or current setup.

We offer solutions and services for handling employee expenses and all related processes in relation to Expense Management. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

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