Travel Risk Management – Safe business travel in cooperation with Safeture

Take control of employee safety

Minimize risks and be in control of security when employees do business travels.

Through the Safeture platform your orgsanization can get access to efficient management of risks, security and potential crisis situations for your employees across the world.

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Information, guidance and assistance is key to safety

Easy preparation and realtime information

The Safeture analysts are monitoring the world 24/7, thereby giving you instant access  to updated risk assessments and assurance of fast assistance in case of unforseen events. It enables you to safely dispatch your employees for business travel.

The platform gives you an overview of current locations for your employees with the option of alerting them and send assistance, in case of situations where quick actions and response is needed.

Business travel and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic currently affects the whole world. Different restrictions, that are subject to ongoing change, across countries makes it hard to plan business trips. In cooperation with Safeture, we are providing free access to the below interactive map. The map collects and presents and overview of all available restrictions data for specific countries across the world. The purpose is to ease the planning of travel activity. Use the map to find the actual country status and the overall guidelines for e.g. borders and airports. You will also find links to further information. The data is updated by Safeture.

We collaborate with Safeture

Security across borders

Together with Safeture, we ensure that businesses and their employees can continue to take care of national and international activities with peace of mind.

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How it works

Do you want to put Travel Risk Management on the agenda, Safeture is the right choice. Safeture delivers a fully features platform with both a mobile app and a web app as well as access to a range of assistance services according to requirements. With Acubiz, it is easy to digitally register and manage the travel expenses.

We offer solutions and services for managing employee expenses and related processes. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

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