Foreign VAT refund - every time

Let us help your reclaim your foreign VAT

Don’t miss out on your own money. With Foreign VAT refund, we’ll take care of the full process related to reclaiming and refunding of foreign VAT from travel expenses. Everything is handled through a fast an effortless process in corporation with Cash Back, who’re experts within the field.

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A cumbersome task becomes easy

Don't miss out on your own money

A a VAT registered business, you’re entitled to have foreign VAT refunded. However, the process related to reclaiming is complicated and time consuming. In fact, it’s so demanding, that many businesses refrain from reclaiming their VAT. This means that they’re leaving large amounts with the tax authorities.

  • We simplify the process related to foreign VAT refund
  • Outsource the task - save time and money
  • We cooperate with Cash Back
  • Refund of foreign VAT - every time

We cooperate with Cash Back

Specialists in foreign VAT

Together with Cash Back, we’ll help you streamline the process and return your foreign VAT to it’s rightfully owner. There’s a lot of money to reclaim, as the average VAT rate in Europe is 21%. We’ve teamed up with experts within the field, so let’s help you get your money back. It’s money, that lands directly on your bottom line.

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