Single Sign-On (SSO) – a guarantee for high security

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Acubiz’ focus on security is essential – especially seen through the light of hacker attacks against companies lately. Customers show interest in our Single Sign-On service, which is a guarantee for high security, says Peter Salling, IT Manager at Acubiz:

“The Single Sign-On service is a centralized log-in, which means that users only need to log-in the first time – consequently, the employee has direct access to the system all the time. This means that your Acubiz EMS will be even more easy to use. All communication between the company’s and Acubiz’ servers occurs through the Internet but through encrypted connections with a guarantee for high security.”

Save half an hour a week

The fact that Acubiz EMS will work faster is a practical benefit – another benefit is saved time. And time is money:

“Commonly it is agreed, that you use half an hour a week to log into IT-systems you use often. In a big company with several thousand users the hours saved with Single Sign-On are therefore many!  A lot of our big companies have realized these benefits. Today we have 41.000 users of Single Sign-On”, says Peter.

The Single Sign-On service is an add on to the Acubiz EMS standard solution, and the service needs to be maintained annually to keeping up the high security. In return, the service is quite easy to install with help from Acubiz’ guidelines. The only requirement of your system is a Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service).

Read more about our Single Sign-On service or contact Account Manager Alan Lustü, mobile: 3038 3953, e-mail:

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