Acubiz Corporate - Digital handling of expenses

Digital Expense Management in the cloud

Acubiz Corporate makes registration and handling of employees’ business-related expenses lifted to a whole new level of efficiency. This is achieved with our intuitive mobile and web applications. The solution can be integrated with credit cards and ERP- and salary systems.

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Flexible and customized to your business needs

Save up to 80% administration time

Save both time and resources with a more efficient and paperless Expense Management process. You can also connect additional services in order to optimize administrative processes even more.

Big surprises at the end of the month belongs to the past. With a real-time overview you can keep track of your employees expenses and the benefits are substantial for the entire organization.


Efficient registration and management

Acubiz One: Expenses


Out-of-pocket and company credit card.

Acubiz One: Mileage


Automatic or manual registration.

Acubiz One: Travel allowance


According to national tarrifs.


Registration of hours and absence.

Acubiz One: Approve


Expense reports and single transactions.

Intuitive digital tools

Acubiz on desktop and mobile

Mobile app: Acubiz One

Expenses are registered with a few clicks with Acubiz One. It’s also easy to register both time and travel allowances. With Acubiz One you also get a digital mileage book since where all mileage can be registered automatically.

Approval workflows can also be set up through Acubiz One. The best thing, though, is that you can handle the tasks whenever suits you best.

Web app: Acubiz EMS

Acubiz is designed specifically to admin users and the finance department. The solution and any additional services is being managed via a web interface. Through the web interface you acquire overview and insight about all the transactions data.

It is also possible to create and maintain chart of accounts, dimensions and users as well as carry out exports of data. In fact, our customers can save up to 80% in administration time.

Try for free

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The daily work tools must create value

Save administration time

Less manual typing and simple processes release resources to other and more important tasks. Everything from complete travel expense reports to registration of mileage is being managed with just a few clicks.

Overview and transparency

Instant registration with minimal effort gives less bottlenecks and less pressure on extra busy departments late in the month. Here and now overview of employee expenses is ensured.

User-friendly design

Access Acubiz anytime and anywhere. Our main focus is our users which is why we have designed our solution for their needs and preferences. The design is user-friendly and vivid – but we are constantly working to improve and update both design and functionality.

Safe and secure data management

We are ISAE 3402 Type II certified and we handle your data with the highest security. We are constantly updating ourselves within the areas of IT and data security.

Benefits for the company

The employee

Simple and efficient registration of expenses, mileage and hours generates more time for the actual work. It’s flexible and can be handled on the go – from individual expenses to complete travel expense reports.

When connecting a company credit card, all transactions are synced directly to the app.

All expenses are ready in Acubiz One and you are guaranteed the complete overview of both settled and non-settled expenses.

Every expense can easily be managed by oneself – fast and easy. You’re done answering questions about which expenses belongs to which transactions.


Acubiz gives accurate documentation, continuous overview and control, as well as an accurate foundation for accounting.

Say goodbye to wasted time and time spend on reminding other about expenses and approvals. You will also get a complete overview of what’s booked and non-booked in your accounts. Settlements arrives at an ongoing basis and there are therefore no bottlenecks at monthly- and quarterly closing of accounts.

It entails accurate documentation for re-invoicing customers as well as exports from the solution to ERP- and salary systems.


Is there anything better than happy employees? That can be expected with a solution from Acubiz.

Achieve complete overview, full transparency of processes and a correct basis for budget follow-ups. There is geographical independence and thus it makes no difference whether the approver and the employee are in the same physical location.

Employees gets more cost-conscious because they take ownership of their own expenses.

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