Acubiz Invoice Accounts payable automation

With Acubiz Invoice you will get an automated and digital workflow for your accounts payable and supplier invoice process. It offer precise data extraction and complete visibility. It will also provide you with a fast and efficient approval process, that can be handled through our mobile-app, Acubiz One.

Acubiz Invoice

Digital and automatic invoice management

Automatic creditor recognition

Fast and accurate data capture

Automatisk bookkeeping entry

Electronic invoices (OIOUBL)

Approval and control workflows via an intuitive mobile platform

Digital workflow for handling supplier invoices

No more slow and paper based processes

Automatic bookkeeping entry of supplier invoices is done based on configurable standards for each specific supplier and the given invoice is attached (pdf, png or jpg). This means that documentation is always available in a digital format. Acubiz Invoice can also manage electronic invoices in OIOUBL format from all suppliers. Approvers can easily approve invoices before they are automatically routed to bookkeeping in your ERP system.


Electronic invoices (OIOUBL/EAN)

Suppliers’ electronic invoices (OIOUBL or EAN invoices) can be scanned, entered into accounts and approved in Acubiz Invoice. An electronic invoice is not an invoice sent as PDF, JPEG or PNG – although they are also sent digitally and online. On the other hand, electronic invoices are sent and received in a standardized and structured electronic format – such as OIOUBL.

We are supporting electronic invoices in Denmark and the flow of electronic invoices within Acubiz Invoice is as follows: the supplier sent the invoice in OIOUBL format to the company’s EAN number through “Nemhandelsregisteret” and afterwards directly to Acubiz.

Afterwards, Acubiz Invoice scan the electronic invoices that the customers receives, read the informations on the invoice and make it ready for control, approval and subsequent processing in the finance department.

Acubiz help

  • to direct you to and get you registered in “Nemhandelsregisteret” and have an EAN number created
  • to get all future electronic invoices in OIOUBL format from suppliers sent directly to Acubiz Invoice
  • to configure creditors, accounts and dimensions

Invoice management via 3 steps

Accounts payable automation

Scanning and data capture

The process is initiated with the scanning of cost invoices as well as subsequent data capture and classification of data. Acubiz provides access to the market’s best and most accurate invoice scanning software. We use the scanning engine from Paperflow.

The scanning process is backed by advanced AI technology and delivers precision that is at the level of human reading – just 10x faster.

This initial step is crucial to ensure 100% digital and automated flow Subsequently. Acubiz processes most invoice formats – paper, PDF, etc. – and delivers and structures data accurately.

Automatic invoice flow

After scanning and data capture, an automated workflow is started, which handles accounting, distribution and approval of the cost invoices. Creditors can be set up with standard accounting so that posting is done automatically. Approvals are set up according to the individual customer’s needs (eg in terms of organizational structure, business rules, etc.) and the rules for distribution and approval flow are defined.

The approval task itself can be easily handled via Acubiz One or Acubiz EMS. The approver has easy and clear access to all documentation about the individual invoices, including copies of the original invoices.

Integration to finance system

The final step in the process involves exporting data to an ERP or accounting system to ensure fast and accurate accounting. Once the accounting, distribution and approval workflow has been completed, an output with accounting-ready data can be generated.

This data can be transferred to an accounting system via automatic integration or manual export and subsequent manual input to the accounting system.

Digital handling of the company’s cost invoices also gives you an overview and insight into the process. This insight can be used to continuously improve the process and increase the degree of automation.

How it works

Acubiz Invoice is a solution for automatic invoice management. It can be purchased separately or connected to an existing solution.

We offer solutions and services for handling employee expenses and all related processes in relation to Expense Management. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

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