Acubiz Professional | Single user solution

Expense Management made simple. Digital and for everyone.

Easy registration and management of company-related expenses and mileage. It’s simple, fast, efficient and can be handled on the go. Time-consuming administrative tasks belongs to the past.

FREE up to 5 registrations per month. Unlimited usage? Only €0,99 per month!

Acubiz Professional is for

Expense Management and digital mileage book

Acubiz Professional enables you to manage expenses and mileage on your smartphone. The solution is for you who hold different types of expenses in a business context and at the same time are tired of keeping track of receipts. Perhaps you are self-employed, volunteer, craftsman, entrepreneur or like. Or perhaps you are employed in a company with no digital tool for managing expenses and mileage?

  • Register business-related expenses by taking a picture of your receipt.
  • Applies to purchases made on both private- and company credit card.
  • Track your mileage manually or automatically through GPS.
  • Your digital mileage book that helps you keep track on mileage allowance.
  • Full digital documentation for expenses and mileage - ready to be shared with auditors, accountants or like.

Efficient registration and management

Acubiz One: Expenses


Registration of expenses.

Acubiz One: Mileage


Automatic or manual.

Your digital and mobile tool

Acubiz on the phone

Mobile app - Acubiz One

Keep track on your business-related expenses on your smartphone. Always accessible and at your hand. At the same time you digitize the receipts related to your expenses by taking a photo of them – afterwards you can throw the receipts in the bin. Mileage enables you to register your business-related mileage automatically or via Google Maps. This will digitize the classic mileage book.

Try for free

Get Acubiz One in your app store

Try it out for free. Register an expense via a demo account and watch how simpel it is.

How to get started using Acubiz Professional

1. Download Acubiz One in App Store or Google Play.

2. Create a user for "Acubiz Professional" in the app.

3. You'll receive an email with login informations

4. You're ready to go. Start manage your expenses and mileage. Anywhere, anytime!

How about reporting?

You also get the opportunity to create reports on your expenses and mileage. This means that you can share this information with an accountant, a bookkeeper, a manager or whoever you think it might be relevant to.

This feature will give you a total overview of transactions and matching receipts, and your mileage for the period of time that you want to report on.

These data can easily be used for reimbursement or allowance payment. It is also simple to bookkeep the expenses based on these data.

Expense Management on the go

Manage your expenses on the go while waiting for the bus, the coffee, [ continue the list yourself ] …

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