Acubiz Time Easy and digital time registration

Acubiz Time is a fully featured solution for fast and simple time registration for both employees, managers and the HR and finance departments.

Registrations like work hours, vacation, leave, sickness and time consumption related to internal or external projects and client cases becomes easy and fast. The solution is built around two modules, so you can choose according to your requirements.

Time registration categories in Acubiz.

Time registration that fits your requirements


time basic

Basic | Fundamental time registration

You can for example benefit from:


time advanced

Advanced | Detailed time registration

You will benefit from everything in Acubiz Time Basic and:

A digital tool for time registration

When time registration needs to be easy

Acubiz Time Basic and Acubiz Time Advanced makes it intuitive and simple for employees to register their work time, number of hours spent, absence and vacation. Choose whether your requirements are simple registration and management of work hours or detailed time consumption based on a weekly report. The registration are handled with our user friendly mobile-app, Acubiz One. It is possible to configure specific absence categories, that are relevant for your organization and through the admin interface, it is easy to export data, that can be imported to your salary and payroll system. PRODUCT SHEET (PDF)

Easy documentation in relation to time registration

Registration of hours, absence and holiday
Projects and cases for re-invoicing
One solution for all time registration

Acubiz Time Basic

The Acubiz Time Basic module offers all types of businesses a digital solution for simple registration and management of work time, vacation and absence. The advantage with digital registration is that it becomes really easy to keep the salaray administration up to date within this area – an area, where many businesses are spending too much manual work time.

Acubiz Time Advanced

The Acubiz Time Advanced module is perfect for businesses that works project and case based. That is for example businesses within consultancy, engineering, accontants, construction and lawyers, advertising and PR agencies as well as IT businesses.

The Time Advanced module is built upon a structure that utilizes a weekly report. The module is configured according to individual customer requirements related to project lists, case lists, client lists and other financial dimensions (e.g. departments or divisions). In addition, the users can configure their basis time and then the weekly report can be used. The user can define favourite categories - a feature that makes it super fast to record time consumption on e.g. long-term proejcts or fixed recurring assignments. Data can be exported through the admin interface and then be imported to finance, salary and payroll systems or be used for business analysis.

Advantages for your business

Benefits for the employee


Fordele for godkender


Benefits for Finance


How it works

Acubiz Time is a solution for digital time registration. It can be purchased separately or connected to an existing solution.

We offer solutions and services for handling employee expenses and all related processes in relation to Expense Management. Our solutions can be combined and your final setup depends on your needs.

General registration of work time

Time registration is becoming increasingly important for all types of employers. The European Court of Justice has, in 2019, preliminary ruled in a case that determines that the member states must make sure that employers set up processes, to ensure that employees actual work hours are recorded. This is to ensure that employee rights related to maximum weekly work hours as well as daily and weekly resting periods can be complied with. This raises a number of questions related to how this registration task can be solved in real business life. Acubiz Time is the solution. Read more about the case here.

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