Acubiz Time – Easy and digital time registration

A digital tool to register and keep track of time consumption

Acubiz Time is a complete solution for simpel digital time registration benefiting both employees, the HR and finance department.

Registrations such as working hours, holiday, leave, sickness and time spent linked to projects, cases, customers and departments will become easy and fast. The solution is built around two modules for you to choose the right for you.

Acubiz Time Basic og Advanced

Time registration to suit your needs


time basic

Basic | Simple hour registrations

  • Register simpel working hours (e.g. hourly paid and freelancers)
  • Register holiday
  • Register absence (e.g. sickness, sich child and special holidays)
  • Reporting and data export
  • Benefiting employees, the HR and finance department
  • Easy and fast registration through our mobile app Acubiz One
  • Intuitive user interface in app and admin interface


time advanced

Advanced | Detailed registration of hours

Everything in Acubiz Time Basic and:

  • Register detailed working hours (e.g. projects, cases, customers and departments)
  • Customize the configuration to your needs
  • Acurrate basis for invoicing and time consumption
  • Configuration of user's basis times to be used for analysis of capacity and use of resources
  • Ensuring registration of overtime
  • Easy compliance with working hours rules and any potential agreements

A digital tool for time registration

When time registration should be easy

With both Acubiz Time Basic and Acubiz Time Advanced, it is intuitive and simple for employees to register their working hours, absence and holiday. You should only choose if you need to be able to register simpel or detailed working hours.

The registrations are done through our user friendly mobile app Acubiz One. There can be configured absence codes and from the admin interface it is easy to export data that can be loaded into the salary system.

  • Simple registration of holiday, absence and hours
  • Project management and invoiceable hours
  • All registrations are done digitally
  • No spreadsheets or schedules
  • Overview and insight
  • Reports and data export
  • Fast and accurate wage administration

What are the application possibilities?

Time registration is important for many different types of companies – especially for companies that is documenting time consumtion on tasks, projects and cases that need to be invoiced. An efficient time registration system is an important component for creating maximum control of finances related to both internal and external projects, customers and cases.

Acubiz Time Basic

The Acubiz Time Basic module offers all types of business a digital solution for managing basic holiday and absence registrations. Digital registration makes it easy to keep the wage administration up to date within this area – an area where many companies spend too much manual administration time.

Acubiz Time Advanced

The Acubiz Time Advanced module is the perfect solution for companies working based on projects or cased. It could for example be consulting firms, consulting engineers, contractors, accountants and lawyers, advertising and PR agencies as well as IT companies.

The Advanced module is based on a weekly report structure. The module is configured based on the individual company's needs in relation to project lists, case lists, client lists and other financial dimensions (e.g. departments or divisions). Users configure their basis time and the use of the weekly reporting can begin.

Users can define favorite registrations – a feature that makes it very fast to log the time consumption on long term projects or fixed tasks. Through the admin interface data can be exported into the finance or salary system or used for business analysis.

How to get started

Acubiz Time can be implemented as a standalone solution or linked to your current Acubiz Expense solution depending on how your setup is today. Acubiz Time Advanced is an add-on for Acubiz Time Basic. Contact us to know more.

In addition, we offer three different Expense Management solutions and an invoice solution. Find the right fit for your comapny’s needs. If you would like to optimize even more processes, you can use our other related services.

Benefits across the organization


  • Time-saving, intuitive and digital
  • Overview of hours and absence
  • No more spreadsheets or charts

Finance / HR

  • Detailed project and case economics
  • Ongoing overview and insights
  • Easy re-invoicing


  • 100 % overview and documentation
  • Resource management
  • Transparancy

General registration of working hours

Time registration is becoming increasingly important for all employers. In 2019 the European Court of Justice made it clear, that Member States must require employers to establish processes which ensure that employees’ actual daily working hours are recorded. This ensures that the employees’ rights in relation to maximum weekly working hours as well as weekly rest periods can be enforced. The court ruling raises a number of questions regarding how the task is solved in a company.

Acubiz Time is a solution on this. Read more about the case here.

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