Frequently asked questions

These questions are mainly concerning our solution Acubiz Corporate.

How long does it take to implement Acubiz?

The time span is typically four weeks for a standard implementation. Actual time consumption for your finance department is approximately three days.

Who among us should allocate resources to getting started with Acubiz?

That wil be your finance department and, if required, managers with the role of approving expense reports. Read more

How much time will the IT department have to spend?

Typically less than two hours.

What to do if we do not have an IT department?

Your ERP consultant will typically assist you. Less than two hours’ work will get you going.

What does it take for the super users to become acquainted with the system? Will they have to attend a course?

Yes, training is part of the implementation. Two days’ course – usually at your premises. See further details on Get started

How do we train the users?

Your super users train the users.

How do we get all our credit card transactions into Acubiz?

It is part of Acubiz’ service. We handle the integration

What if not all of our employees have a credit card?

Credit card or not. All employees can make their expense reports in Acubiz EMS and save valuable time.

What about security – how is our data ensured?

Data on our secure servers is encrypted and only you have access. We have no card numbers or employee names registered. All employees with Acubiz have signed a solemn declaration.

With which ERP systems is Acubiz able to integrate?

Acubiz can integrate with all known ERP and payroll systems. Learn more about Acubiz Integration

Which credit cards and travel accounts does Acubiz handle?

All credit cards and travel accounts.

Is Acubiz ‘multilingual’ - and is it possible to have different language versions in divisions abroad?

Acubiz comes with 30 languages. Language is defined on employee level and is therefore individually adjustable. It is possible to individually select language e.g. for reminder emails as well.

How long does it take for a credit card transaction to show in Acubiz?

Approx. 24 hours – whether you have completed the expense report or not.

Which savings does Acubiz offer?

If your employees use credit cards, 80% of the manual entries are done in advance.

Also, Acubiz streamlines the expense management processes. An expense is visible less than 48 hours after the transaction has taken place, providing full transparency at all levels – and consequently an essential overview of future costs.

In a manual system, it may take up to three months until an expense shows in the accounts.

Do you offer hosting of Acubiz?

Yes. Hosting is part of Acubiz Expense Management Service – hosting price is included.

Who handles backup of our data?

We are in charge of backing up the data you upload to Acubiz EMS. Backup is part of our hosting package..