Tal & tanker digitizes and automates its customers financial processes with Acubiz

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We’re pleased to announce that Tal & Tanker and Acubiz have entered a partnership. Tal & Tanker will now carry on Acubiz in their toolbox of different solutions. So, when the conversation with customers turn on automation of the financial processes in the accounts payable department, Tal & Tanker can bring Acubiz to the table.

Tal & Tanker make sure that their customers are in control of auditing, accounting, and tax matters. This is done through competent advice which ensures that customers have faith in that Tal & Tanker are in control of the figures. This way, customers gain energy for the thoughts that can help unleash their potential. That’s the philosophy at Tal & Tanker. To unleash the potential, Tal & Tanker advocates for the use of digital tools that can help digitize and automate manual processes.

At Acubiz, we know that the expense process can be streamlined. We do this daily for more than 190.00 users in over 1.000 companies worldwide. Tal & Tanker shares this approach and they are experiencing an increasing demand from their customers related to the expense process:

– Acubiz has a wide range of functionality that can benefit our customers by reducing administrative burdens when expenses is documented, posted, approved, and finally booked. It’s also obvious for us, that Acubiz knows a lot about bookkeeping and accounting – something that we don’t see with all SaaS providers. Acubiz is definitely an ideal partner to manage the entire Expense Management process from end to end and therefore we’re happy for this new partnership. At the same time, Acubiz is extremely user-friendly, so we look forward to expand the service to both existing and future customers, explains Rune Westensee from Tal & Tanker.

Acubiz is also looking forward to the partnership:

– We found a partner in Tal & Tanker who clearly sees the value in our digitized and automated expense management services. They have a great deal of knowledge within many areas, but their expert knowledge within bookkeeping, digitization and accounting makes them hugely qualified to talk around the entire expense process. This makes Tal & Tanker an attractive partner for us, and we’re very much looking forward to our future collaboration, explains Anders Friis, CCO at Acubiz.

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