Expense Management.
Digital. Efficient. Easy.

Optimization of the administrative processes around expenses is beneficial for the entire company. Employee expenses, low cost purchases, travel expenses, company card transactions, outlays, supplier invoices or foreign VAT refund? Save both money and time and experience happier employees.

  • Employee

Less administration time when registering and documenting expenses

  • Approver

Efficient and simple approval flow on the go. And on your smartphone.

  • Finance

Accurate documentation, full insight and ongoing settlement. All together.

Acubiz One Dashboard
Designed for the users

More than 1.000 companies and 180.000 users in 45 countries experience the benefits of Acubiz.

“Good and easy solution for managing expenses.”


“Perfect tool for Expense Management.”


“It’s the best solution that I’ve tried.”


“Easy, fast and user-friendly.”


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An example.
To keep the record straight.


Finn has expenses

Finn is a salesman and uses Acubiz to register regular outlays, employee expenses, mileage to customer meetings and allowances in relation to travels. Finn throws away the receipt once he has registered and documented an expense in Acubiz One.

Fie can approve on the go from her smartphone

Fie is Sales Director and manager (and thus also approver) for Finn. She is often on the go and needs to be able to approve expenses on her smartphone. That is flexible and less time-consuming for her.

Robert ensure policy compliance

The office Robot, Robert, can automatically check and approve the expenses if they comply with company rules and policies. In Acubiz terminology, we call Robert’s work for the Company Policy Manager.

Frede receive the expenses on time

Frede is an accountant and responsible for the accounting in the accounts payable department and responsible for salary and payout of expenses. He is happy with the automatic import of credit card transactions, the comprehensive documentation of the expenses and the integration into the finance system, where the accounting-ready data can be synchronized easily. Frede is also pleased with the integration to the salary system, to where data can be easily transferred.

Frida and Fiona obtain overview and savings

Frida is CFO. Fiona is CEO. The above process creates transparency and provides valuable data about the company’s costs related to their different expenses. They obtain overview and savings in terms of time and resources with Acubiz as their strategic tool for budget management.

What do we offer? Choose yourself. Combine as needed.

  • Efficient and digital process for managing employee expenses – company cards and outlays.
  • Automated and digital process for managing cost invoices.
  • Digital tracking and registration of business-related mileage.
  • Digital tool for keeping track of, and managing, time consumption.
  • More process optimization with related services such as VAT refund and Company Policy Manager.
  • We integrate with all company card providers, salary- and finance systems.

What types of businesses can benefit from Acubiz?

Small businesses

It becomes easy for both the employee and the accountant – internally as well as externally – to perform the administrative work around expenses in everyday life. Resources are often scarce, and it is crucial that not too much time is spent on administrative tasks.
Acubiz is configured so that the solution fits with the accounting practices that the company works according to, and it is easily integrated with the company’s finance system.

Acubiz Small Business

Medium-sized businesses

The complexity of expense management processes typically increases. Perhaps there is a need for an approval flow through one or more management layers. There may also be a need to support a more complex chart of accounts or several different financial dimensions.
Acubiz is configured so the more complex accounting practices is supported – while it remains easy and fast for employees to carry out their administrative work around expenses.

Acubiz Corporate

Large businesses

More layers are added. The operation may go across several countries – e.g. through production units, subsidiaries or sales offices. This requires support of specific country rules. There may also be dependencies between chart of accounts, dimensions and approval flows.
Acubiz is configured so that country-specific rules are supported, and can also be integrated with third parties such as business travel agencies. Acubiz is used and represented in 45 countries.

When running a business, expenses will occur

Acubiz is relevant across many industries.

Retail and wholesale

Wholesale companies and retail chains are often characterized by a high degree of “outgoing” activity. These activities are linked to salespeople, sales consultants, merchandisers etc. with a need for a way to manage their expenses, mileage, travel, entertainment and representation costs.

Manufacturing and production

Employees in sales and after sales has typically a lot of activity in the field. That is, activity linked to salespeople, sales consultants, installation and service technicians, etc. and they all have a need for a way to manage their expenses, mileage, travel, entertainment and representation costs.

Consulting, audit and law

Consulting firms, auditing firms and law firms have client- and client-facing activity, which creates various types of expenses that need to be managed. There will often be a need for allocating expenses with precision to projects or/and customer/client cases.

Transport, shipping and logistics

Many employees for companies that operate within freight-, goods- and passenger transportation, are “on the go”. Therefore, there is a need to manage expenses on the go and that requires an efficient and mobile solution-setup for expense management.

IT and telecommunication

IT service providers, telecommunication companies and software companies often have a group of employees, who are on the road when they perform their job. That may be sales consultants and technicians who must be able manage their expenses easy and fast.


Contractors, construction companies and consulting engineers are often having larger employee groups on different locations. And this will inevitably generate expenses since the employees are on the go. This will typically trigger a need for making cost allocation on different projects.


Expenses arise in all companies and organizations. Automated expense management will benefit these companies and organizations within industries such as insurance, banking and pensions, property management, associations, culture, utility, sports and experience, hotel and restaurant, media and communication as well as in the public sector.

5 facts aboutAcubiz

  • 1 The name “Acubiz” stands for “accurate business” and we were founded in 1997.
  • 2 Most companies can benefit from Acubiz. As we say: When running a business, expenses will occur.
  • 3 Acubiz collects, manages and optimizes all administrative sub-processes around expenses.
  • 4 Acubiz helps with correct documenting and accounting in accordance with bookkeeping- and tax law.
  • 5 Acubiz benefits the entire company as the expense management processes becomes both faster and easier to perform.

Employees no longer have to remember which receipts match which outlays and which case or project the outlays are related to. It’s all in the system ready to be processed.

Susanne Anker-Møller | Chief Accountant| Kammeradvokaten

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