This is worth knowing when it comes to travel allowance

Are you often on business travels, and are you in doubt of whether you are entitled to receive travel allowance or not? Or do you just need an easier way to manage and registrate of your allowances?

Read more here, as we at Acubiz look through some frequently asked questions about travel allowance and let us furthermore tell you about your options for a simple and easy way to registre your travel expenses.

What is travel allowance?

Travel allowance is a tax-free payment that your employer will pay you according to the valid standard rates. For example, if you travel in connection with your work, your employer may choose to pay travel allowance for diet, accommodation and other minor necessities – the so-called allowances.

What is required for travel allowance?

To receive travel allowance, you must be an employee who, due to the distance between your home and a temporary workplace, is unable to stay at your own residence. It may be associated with shorter trips elsewhere in the country or in connection with longer business travels.

The possibility of getting travel allowance depends, among other things, on the journey lasting at least 24 hours and that you cannot reach your private home by car or public transport within a certain time, making it necessary to book accommodation elsewhere.

However, in the end it is the Tax Administration Office that assesses whether you as an employee are entitled to allowances. There is therefore no guarantee of receiving travel allowance simply because there is a hassle, long transport time or expensive expenses associated with your trip.

How do I manage my allowances in the easiest way possible?

If you meet the conditions for receiving allowances, you have to make sure that you hand in your receipts for your expenses to your employer. In the end, it is your employer who is responsible for staying updated with current rates – and furthermore managing the administrative work.

As an employee, however, it can be difficult to keep track of the pile of receipts for your expenses. And as an employer you might want to use your resources on other more important tasks than administrative assignments related to travel allowances. That is why we have developed the feature “allowance” in our all-in-one app Acubiz One, for managing receipts and expenses.

With the feature “allowances”, you can easily register your allowances and expenses while on the go, as Acubiz One is updated with the current valid rates. Therefore, both employees and employers save time an resources on registering allowances.

If you would like to hear more about the options you have with Acubiz One, you are always welcome to contact us for a non-mandtory chat.